: 2000 Eldo ETC vs 1997 Riviera S/C

02-19-08, 12:00 AM
Since we have a couple of Riviera threads going, I thought I'd write this up while I have them both sitting here:

This is a toss up. The Riviera is more unique -- there is NOTHING like it past or present. The Eldorado is gorgeous, but much more conservative. I think both look best from the rear at an angle. I think the Eldo probably looks better from the side, and the Riv looks better from the front. They're both big cars, but the Riv is longer (for better or worse).

For me -- no question: Eldo all the way. The Riviera is unique, and much better than most GM parts bin interiors -- but the Eldo is much more refined. And the Cadillac Zebrano is better than even an aftermarket wood kit for the Riv.

In terms of the seats themselves, I prefer the Eldo. They are much more comfortable and supportive -- although the headrests are HORRIBLE. WHY they don't pivot AND LOCK, I'll never understand. The Riv's seats are fine, although the headrests aren't much better. However, the Riv has more interior space. Way more headroom, way more front and back legroom. The Riv's back seat is useable -- the Eldo's really isn't. For me the only area in terms of space that the Eldo has an edge is the area under the dash, between the door and console is wider for your knees.

The Bose in the ETC isn't the best system in the world, however it is SO much better than the Concert Sound II in the Riv.

They're both TERRIBLE -- however I've NEVER seen a car worse than the Eldo in this regard. I carry around a phone, a Blackberry, 2 Bluetooth headsets, sometimes a Garmin -- and there's no room to put any of them other than the glove box or center console. Plus the cupholders are big enough for 2 cans -- THAT'S IT. The Riv doesn't have any cubbyholes either, but at least the cupholders are a little larger.

The ETC is much more agile/sporty than the Riv. Both have a great ride on the highway. Not a huge amount of difference here, but I prefer the ETC. I'm assuming that the base Eldo would be closer to the Riv in this area.

No comparison -- ETC. The 3800 S/C is quick off the line, and is a powerful engine that still holds up well. However, it tends to lose steam much more at highway speeds compared to the N*, which is just getting going. The 3800 sounds wimpy though, compared to the N*'s growl.

My Riv is 11 years old, and still doesn't have a rattle. The doors close w/a thud 2nd only to a big M-B. GM's paint quality in the mid-'90s could have been better, but mine is holding up well, as it is stored inside and is taken care of. If I left mine outside, though, I bet it would deteriorate rapidly. The Eldo is a little newer, and seems just as solid. The paint is gorgeous, however. The red is INTENSE and just the right amount of metallic flake.

Riv has the edge here too, in theory -- no RSS, no N* HG issues. However, trannys aren't as strong and the S/C is one more thing to break.

I think the Riv has the edge here, due to the styling and the shorter run (4 1/2 years vs. 10 for the Eldo).

I'd like to keep mine, I guess, but now that I have the Eldo, I don't need it for my coupe fix. And if I'm going to have a trophy car -- it's going to be a M-B 560SEC...

02-19-08, 12:27 AM
Great comparison!!

02-29-08, 03:40 PM
That Riv of yours just might become a classic after what is it now to be a classic 25 years?
Has it's own unique styling.
Keep it in good shape.

02-29-08, 09:21 PM
Yeah, not sure what I'm going to do w/it right now. If I was going to keep one as a classic, I think I'd rather have a black, red, or burgundy one (W/THE BURGUNDY LEATHER) :-) chad...

I need to sell it to pay for all of the work I've had to do on the Eldo... :-(

03-01-08, 02:03 AM
Pulley swapabillity:
Riv 10 ETC 0
Pullied my late 99 for 70K of my 133K mile. Almost as fun to drive as the V, but squeeks alot less!

03-01-08, 07:05 PM
just from pulleys, run the 1/4 yet?