: Two 4.6 Northstar Motors What are they Worth?

02-18-08, 09:59 PM
I have 2 - 4.6L Northstar engines for parts. What are they worth?

Both have a "Y" VIN. One runs, and one has a blown head gasket.

My thoughts were to remove the heads and recondition them (at my engine builders shop). What else can I sell off these?

What would be a fair asking price?

The one is a 2000 with 150k miles has a blown head gasket. The 2001 runs, but I don't know the exact mileage.

Any help?


02-19-08, 01:59 PM
Used high mileage or damaged N* engines aren't worth much. Maybe 100-150 for someone looking for specific year parts.

02-19-08, 03:08 PM
I was thinking that there might be a market for reconditioned heads? How about the intake, injectors, coil packs, etc...?


03-21-08, 11:08 PM
I could possibly be interested in either one of the engines if still available, just bought a 00 sls that was supposed to have blown gaskets but instead got an 00 sls with a cracked block... :mad:

03-23-08, 05:40 AM
I'd be interested in discussing cost also for either of the motors.
Give some additonal details as far as the accessories/wiring harness/injector rails etc that are avail, please.
Freight may be an issue. I'm in northeast Indiana...what area of the country are you located?

03-23-08, 08:22 AM
Info sent to both...Check your PM's.

I'll be able to discuss on Monday.