: D3 2008 Ext

Fire and Ice
02-18-08, 03:12 PM
D3 proudly presents our 2008 EXT:

02-18-08, 03:38 PM
Looks and sounds pretty mean. Nice work, any longer clips?

Fire and Ice
02-18-08, 03:45 PM
Thank you. This is more of a teaser trailer compiled today. We have several projects involving the EXT with photos and video footage coming. Estimated completion time for the EXT is this summer.

02-18-08, 11:07 PM
how much hp will it putting out when done?

Fire and Ice
02-19-08, 11:14 AM
If we go with forced induction, it should produce well into the 600's. At this time we are undecided on how far we want to take this project. With a Procharger kit, we could easily set up a 50% or greater gain in HP.