View Full Version : Throttle Position Sensor 94 N* - how to replace?

02-18-08, 09:04 AM
Hi Guys,

My TPS is throwing 2 codes - failure and maladjustment on the ODB reader, so I guess it's replacement time.

Should I buy the genuine vs generic TPS, and where is it located/how do you install it?

Does anyone know a source for a Haynes or similar manual for a 94 Eldorado or anything with a 94 Northstar? I've looked around all the parts stores but haven't found anything :(

Thanks for your help,

02-18-08, 01:02 PM
Forget the Haynes and go to eBay for an original Factory Service Manual. You'll never regret spending the money.

Look at www.rockauto.com (http://www.rockauto.com) for the TPS. The genuine article. When you have it in hand, you'll know where.............to put it. :rolleyes:

02-18-08, 02:43 PM
I see what you mean. Isn't there some procedure to "set" it somehow?

02-18-08, 04:34 PM
I don't have a '94 manual, but one of several owners will chime in this evening.

Good luck, Jim

02-18-08, 05:06 PM
I think it is just plug n play. It's on the side of the TB inline with the throttle plate fulcrum.

02-19-08, 08:56 AM
Plug 'n' play? Cool :)

I thought you had to play around with adjustment screws and volt meters, lol!!

Thanks guys