: A marvellous saturday for a 75 Limousine

02-17-08, 06:12 AM
There one month, with one's of my best friends, we came to Perpignan to buy a 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Limousine.:usflag:

It is an original U.S Model, beautiful, with no rust, but a crankshaft problem, even the engine runs well.
It was parked several years in a garage like you can see, with the dust:lol:

He decided to renew the engine.

Price : 2000 a very good price:thumbsup:

02-17-08, 01:46 PM
Cool, although I think this should be moved to the RWD section.


02-17-08, 02:34 PM

Thank you for your reply, but, sorry to do not know what is the RWD section, even it is the evening for me...

02-18-08, 12:19 PM
By RWD section, I mean the 'room' in this website entitled "RWD 19xx-1984 DeVille and Fleetwood, 1985-1996 Fleetwood and Brougham Forum" I'm sure a moderator will come along soon and help get this in the right place :)

Regardless, nice find you have there. It would be nice to see progress on it.


02-19-08, 09:38 AM
Thank you very much for your help Ben :)