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02-17-08, 03:02 AM
New guy here. Just signed on my 05 CTS and came looking for info. Looks like lots of great info around here. Hope someday I can contribute something useful.

A bit about me. Im 28, work at a plastics factory as a machine operator, Live and work in Coleman Michigan, visit the the 1/4 track a lot with my 01 Lightning (bolt on truck, full weight, was my daily driver in the summer, now a weekend warrior with my cts purchase) to run my friends and their fox body stangs, married, gots a 13 month old son, play everquest II and some ps3, love tech gadgets, spend to much money on nitro powered rc vehicles, and love to build computers.

Other than that, I am just your average joe that enjoys making things go faster than they used to.


02-17-08, 05:38 AM
Welcome Jak, fairly new here myself. I know what you're talking about when you say blowing some money on Nitro powere r/c; used to fly r/c airplanes (low nitro percent), raced r/c cars (medium nitro percent) and raced r/c boats (highest nitro percent; most of the guys I raced with were using 40%). Again, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your new Caddy.

02-17-08, 12:37 PM
a rc man! YES i am as well

02-17-08, 02:03 PM
:welcome: to the forums Chris. This place can be addictive. :alchi:

02-17-08, 05:10 PM
Welcome to the forums !

02-17-08, 06:04 PM
Welcome to the forum! We need picts of your cars! :)

02-17-08, 10:52 PM
welcome to the sanitarium!

02-18-08, 03:33 AM
since i dont have the car yet, i will post a couple vids of the Lightning

best trips down the strip (http://www.phatrc.com/l/jaks1320_05.wmv)

a vid i made to get sound bytes of my exhasut (http://http://www.phatrc.com/l/stiggyexhaust.wmv)

thats about it for now. I dont have any new pics of the truck since the apperance mods.

ps, cant wait to spend some cash on the caddy

02-18-08, 03:49 AM
since i dont have the car yet, here are some vids of the lightning

vid for sound bytes of my exhaust (http://http://www.phatrc.com/l/stiggyexhaust.wmv)

my best 1/4 trips to date... almost.. i have matched my time and bettered my mph (http://http://www.phatrc.com/l/stiggyexhaust.wmv)

i am sure i will have pics and vids of the caddy soon.


Lord Cadillac
02-18-08, 08:56 AM
Welcome aboard, Chris! Thank you for signing up!

02-18-08, 10:36 AM
:welcome: man! Get pics of the new ride up ASAP!

Also, hide your wallet!


02-19-08, 12:59 AM
Wow, there are a lot more people into RC than I know about. I race cars/planes on the weekends with my grandfather. We clocked one of my planes doin 148 running on 40%. It blew the engine to bits, but it was worth it. I only have electric cars, but they are brushless and will do 65+ on a straightaway.

02-19-08, 01:13 AM
my big thing right now is 1/8 scale buggies. i just cant believe how welll they fly and handle when not in the air. it just plain gets with the program when you squeeze the trigger.
If I added all my rc crap up I have roughly 12 vehicles for land, see, and air... hobby grade and cheapo store stuff thats still fun.

02-19-08, 03:09 PM
I would like to do nitro cars, but i have some real a**peanuts on my block who would complain about the noise. I fly my planes out at my grandparets farm. Its quite interesting to stand at the top of a siloh when you're flying them. Between my grandpa, my uncle and me we have around 30 planes. I have a brushless Tamiya Gravel Hound, a brushed Evader Pro (for stock racing) and a Traxxas Rustler VXL (backyard bashing).