: Car Care Product Sale

CAR Motorsports
05-17-04, 09:41 AM
CAR Motorsports is pleased to offer our premium line of car care products to the members of this board at a sale price below their suggested retail price. This sale expires on May 31, 2004.

There is much discussion about Zaino and Meguiars products. We've included a link below that contains a direct comparison of our wax with Mequiars Mirror Glaze #7. Also, links to the full descriptions of our line of wax, protectorant and car wash products are included. We encourage you to read and compare because we think you will find our products easier to use and superior in protection. Thanks for the opportunity to serve your CADILLAC needs.

OPTIMUM CAR WAX (http://www.optimumcarcare.com/optimumwax.html)

Article with Pictures from the July 2003 issue of the Professional Car Washing & Detailing Magazine comparing Optimum Wax to Mequiars Mirror Glaze #7 (http://www.optimumcarcare.com/evolution.html)

The Wax retails for $15.99. Our price for board members is $12.95.

OPTIMUM PROTECTORANT (http://www.optimumcarcare.com/optimumprotectant.html)

The Protectorant retails for $12.99. Our sale price for board members is $10.95.

CAR CARE TRIAL KIT (http://www.optimumcarcare.com/optimumcarkit.html)

This kit contains 4 ounces of Wax (http://http://www.optimumcarcare.com/optimumwax.html), 4 ounces of Protectorant, 4 ounces of the new Car Wash (http://http://www.optimumcarcare.com/optimumcarwash.html), and a Micro-Fiber towel to use with the Wax. Its a great way to try these products first to see if you agree that they are the best on the market. Retail price is $17.99, but our sale price for board members is $14.95.

MICRO-FIBER TOWEL and GLASS CLEANING TOWEL (http://www.optimumcarcare.com/towel.html)

Our Glass Cleaning Towel is HIGHLY recommended. This towel cleans without using any type of glass cleaner. It is so easy to use and works just as good as using any glass cleaning chemical with a towel. Simply dampen with water and clean the window. No glass cleaner to drip on your dash or breath in after spraying. Both the Glass towel and the Micro-Fiber wax towel retail for $4.99 each. Board member sale price is $3.99 each or 2 for $7.00.


AWESOME ALL WHEEL CLEANER - Our wheel cleaner is made by a local company in Georgia and is outstanding. Its safe for all types of wheels (including coated or polished aluminum wheels). Large 32 Ounce size providing much more cleaner for your money (most wheel cleaners are sold in 17 to 20 ounce sizes). The price for the wheel cleaner is $6.49 for the 32 ounce spray and $10.99 for the gallon refill.

AWESOME TIRE CLEANER - Everyone is most likely familiar with Westley's Bleach White White Letter/White Wall cleaner. We've personally compared both products on our cars and found that our tire cleaner works quicker to remove all contaminants. This allows your tire shine product to soak into the rubber better and last longer. A large 32 ounce spray bottle is $5.99 and the Gallon refill is $9.99.

AWESOME TIRE SHINE - The newest fad in tire shine or tire protectorants is aerosol products. Our experience is that the atomization and thinning agents used in aerosols actually are harmful to rubber. They actually work to dry out rubber, much like standard lacquer or paint thinner. Our Awesome Tire Shine is designed to soak into your tires and offers complete protection that looks great and lasts longer. The shine provided is just the right balance of satin and gloss. Not too shiny, nor too dull - just a deep, rich luster. We even include a custom application pad with each bottle. Simply spray the pad with the tire shine and rub it into your tires. The 16 ounce spray bottle is $5.49. The Gallon refill is $34.99.

AWESOME ALUMINUM CLEANER AND BRIGHTENER - We offer two versions: One for Coated or Polished Aluminum and One for Cast Aluminum. Both are highly effective. Simply spray on, brush lightly if you like, and then rinse per instructions on the bottle. Large 32 ounce spray is $5.99 and the Gallon refill is $10.99.

Shipping on these items will be as follows:

$4.95 - Covers Car Care Kit or any other NON-Gallon sized product (towels are included in this shipping price)

$8.95 - Multiple non-Gallon sized products or any Gallon sized products (towels are included in this shipping price).