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02-13-08, 10:18 AM
It does not have the torque of the new V2 but the new RS6 making 580 hp lapped the Nurburing in "8:09" in it's wagon version(Avant) which is 132 lbs. heavier the sedan would be! Who needs low RPM torque after first gear?!



Almost 4500 lbs. and brakes to match, "...carbon-ceramic brake rotors that measure a mammoth 16.5 inches in front..." Not sure that the quattro can move that much weight but it only manages about a 4.1-4.2 to sixty MPH. I wish GM would give us 0-200km times for the V2 for comparison. I like th 205 MPH top speed which impressive for powering the other two wheels.

Granted it will be $40-50K more than V2.


02-13-08, 10:41 AM
That is an impressive time. The title is misleading though. The M5 did it in 7:58 or 7:52...can't remember which and both are faster. This is good news for Audi. I would expect the sedan to be faster and possibly in the M5 league.

02-13-08, 10:49 AM
The E55 or E63 AMG Touring were faster than the Sedans, so a vunderwagun does not necessarily equate to a slower edition of the saloon counterpart.

Eso está muy rápidamente...

02-13-08, 10:58 AM
In case you haven't heard Audi will not import the RS6 to US in either wagon or sedan trim. It's been widely published in the car rags, C&D, R&t, etc.

02-13-08, 11:33 AM
Pretty sure the M5 has done a 7:52. Not thinking that was a BMW claimed best like the 8:09 being claimed by Audi for the RS6 though?

The Ring is kinda a funny place. So many things can affect that near 8 minute time. I really wonder who the companies have make the drive around the track to show their best times. As big a deal as Ring times have become it would probably worth the money to hire the best Ring driver you can find just to run your hardware for it's claimed time. Seems the driver would make a big impact on time around the Ring.

02-13-08, 07:05 PM
what did the V1 do it in?

02-13-08, 08:35 PM
The V1 (is that what we're calling it now?) did it in 8:19 according to Car&Driver.

Sports Car International says that the base 2008 CTS does it in 8:40 :

"With the day having turned to evening, we arrived at the Nurbugring. Given the 12.9 mile Nordshleife's 73 corners, a preliminary chalk talk would have been pointless. Instead we did one orientation lap behind Rick Kewley, who is one of around 10 GM test drivers who are certified for Nurburgring work. In order to be granted this "Level Three" status, testers must be able to consistently lap GM's Milford Road Course - the General's mini-Nurburgring in Michigan - within 2 percent of the time set by ex-pro racer and current head of GM's high performance vehicles, John Heinricy. Only then can they undergo training at the real thing. We'd sat next to Kewley at dinner the night before and pestered him about all things Nordshleife. He spends four to six weeks a year lapping the track. Talk about a dream job. Kewley said that the best Nordshleife time for the new CTS is 8:40 - impressive, given that a dedicated sports car like the Porsche Cayman S does it in 8:17."

02-13-08, 09:44 PM
8:15 for the M5 and 8:09 for the M6.

Thanks for the 8:19 on the V1.

Shesh! Only 2 seconds off John?! Where do I sign up?!


02-14-08, 08:36 AM
The RS6 is not coming to America

02-14-08, 09:54 AM
Wagons(Avant) don't sell well in any for here in the states. Can't see one of the Germans being capped at 420hp when everyone else is pushing 500hp barrier and beyond. Especially since US is just about everybody's biggest market.

Look for the RS6 sedan/saloon to continue, especially if BMW steps up with a twin turbo version of the M5/M6.


02-14-08, 11:23 AM
What did the original CTS (not the V) do in terms of lap times on the ring with the various engines it had available (3.2l, 3.6l and 2.8l if I remember)?

05-07-08, 07:53 AM
8:31 for the 06 STS-V
8:40 for the base 08 CTS

Track record 6:55 by Radical SR8
Footage: http://www.veoh.com/videos/e13387 and ttp://www.veoh.com/videos/v3474611cgn3e8eX&source=fl-mll (not Nuerburgring though)

Can't find the 03-07 CTS.

05-09-08, 02:19 PM
Guess who just did it in 7:59? :D

(Hint: the thread is in the '09 V section)

05-09-08, 04:18 PM
Ohw yeaaaaaaah!!!!

05-09-08, 11:22 PM
Suck it, bitches!!!

05-10-08, 10:41 AM
I asked Mr smith and he told me before the lunch announcement.

Impressive to say he least! Nice to not playing in the field but setting the bar on a world standard. That 6-7000 units might get spread even thinner in the states with the dollar.

...I posted in one of the 09 V threads that I would buy the first round but only found a few @ Glory Days! :)



05-13-08, 11:26 AM
Guess who just did it in 7:59? :D

(Hint: the thread is in the '09 V section)

Something that's not a GT-R?

05-16-08, 12:11 AM
Suck it, bitches!!!

Suck it long, suck it hard Trebek

F'k the Germans. The M5 board was crying that it had to be on slicks and nothing close to stock. Ha ha on them overpaying bitches. You know that the BMW badge is "worth its weight in myrrh" right?