: po39 tcc vcc help

jesus freak
02-12-08, 02:52 PM
i have a 95 eldorado vin code y 116,000 miles. i traded for the car with blown hg. ive replaced the hg,ebtcm,shift solenoids etc. i'm still getting p039 ive read on the prom,but could i possibly need a new torque converter at 116,000. it seems to sliping pretty bad what are the parameters for slippage on the new prom? slippage is viewable pd73. i do have the fsm's but it doesn't give specs for the prom update.

thanks for any help i couldn't have done all the work to this car without the help of this forum.

02-15-08, 07:18 PM
The 94 and 95 Northstar cars had a PCM problem that caused the P039 code to show up when the transmission aged. The problem was the PCM didn't allow the transmission enough time to engage the torque converter clutch, so it set the code.

The fix for the software program was a revised memcal with a longer engagement timeout before the code was triggered

Updated the PCM and the code will never reappeared. I bet AJ could find the TSB for this.

Unfortunately this is a dealer only project. But it should be too expensive.