View Full Version : Workout of the future

02-11-08, 08:37 PM

Workout of the future, and its been around since 1990! And what a bargin!

02-11-08, 09:02 PM
I've seen this snake oil machine in magazines. My bottom line is there's no replacement for good old fashoned discipline and hard work. 4 minutes a day is complete :bs: There's bound to be some "good Americans" that are always in search of an easier and faster way that will part with $14k. :cookoo:

02-11-08, 09:45 PM
Can you be convinced that fourteen thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars is the least expensive way to stay in decent shape?

I've got a set of headers for your FWD Northstar that you can bolt on in twenty minutes I'll sell ya for cheap too!

02-12-08, 12:12 AM
only crap and i thought my gym was over board on the price... jezz what i could do with 14,000$ i am sure i would not spend it on getting in to shape..