: 1967 Cadillac Parts

02-11-08, 12:12 PM

I would need a trunk, hood, rear and front bumper.

Please let me know,


02-12-08, 08:30 AM
Not much choice in Canada I'm afraid. I don't like Classic Caddies up in Northern Ontario. Then there's another Caddy guy around Hamilton who knows his stuff when you call him, but doesn't seem to need the business. Also I think I called someone in Manitoba once... another old guy who doesn't seem to care.

Pick up a Hemmings and call some of the AZ junk yards in the Cadillac section. Shipping won't be cheap... but one of them will have what you want and it will be rust free. That's how I got my door handles, trim, and front bumper. (back in 2001... when $1US = $1.60CDN... ouch!)

02-12-08, 12:05 PM
Classic Caddies is way overpriced.

Do you have the Hamilton guys number.


02-12-08, 10:04 PM
Can't believe I found it. Gee I wonder if there will ever be a lawsuit between "Classic Caddies" and "Classic Caddy". Both in Ontario... too funny!


Tried to find the Manitoba one on Google but can't find it. I think I saw the ad in "Old Autos".