: big problems on 97 deville>please help me

02-11-08, 02:40 AM
i got a 97 vintage edition deville. its a beautiful car but i got these problems. i just put a water pump and thermostat on it, motor mounts, battery, water pump pulley, water pump tensioner, etc. the same day it ran hot and was leaking near the backside of the motor. then once the temp reached 237 it made a cchhhhhhhhhhhh!! noise in the dash and started blowing steam out the top and bottom of the dashh so thick that without the windows down you couldnt see the steering wheel. when i rubbed the wetness on the windshield it didnt slick my fingers like antifreeze. it was water. after that istarted installing the new blower i bought. i got the blower hooked up & tested it and it turned slowly in both directions as if it didnt know what to do. so i figured it needed to be completely installed. so i did it. then...nothing!!
we tested the power at the blower with a snap on vantage pro scanner and it had a great ground and great voltage. but the data line from the climate control read nothing.we turned off the ignition and the blower was still recieving power & ground. i didnt even need the blower its not the problem but is it definately the controller? if a circuit blows on the controller can the blower still get power constant with no control signal from the controller? we put power to my new and old blower and they both worked. in the meantime i have no heat or defrost. this cleveland weather has been very oppositional to me back to the coolant. after sitting all day i refilled the overflow and the car ran good at normal temps for a week!!!!
but now last nite it ran hot well it got to 237 and started smoking steam again then ran hot but this time the smoking team got worse!!!!!! it wont go away and my passenger floor is puddled with water as if all the fluids are ending circulation there. is this just the heater core that busted on me? none of this steam comes out of my eng compartment ONLY from allll the air ducts including the rear. looks like its on fire it smoke that bad!! please have fun responding to me. i love this car and i wanna repair it. help me please. i work oncars too so i understand everything you all say

02-11-08, 04:50 AM
is this just the heater core that busted on me?

That would be my first inclination.

Never forget the time(s) my heater core went out: Windows open, steam BILLOWING out of the cabin, doing 60 on the highway with my head out the window(on the way to the dealership). About every 3rd person would lay on the horn and blurt "doooooodd your car is smoking" as if I wasn't aware anything was wrong...:cookoo::cookoo:

In regards to the fan issue, check for trouble codes and post back, you will likely have a code for an open communication line of some sort.

02-11-08, 11:03 AM
It has to be the heater core.

the same day it ran hot and was leaking near the backside of the motor.
This could be the heater pipes that run along the backside of the rear head.

02-14-08, 03:25 AM
ehanx alot ranger & acklover. dealer says $650 along with few other independants. "firestone" says $400 bucks w/ part incl!!!!!!!!!
im hight tailing my a$$$ down there friday morning. so ranger you say the leak behind the motor could be a heater lilne leak? so this is in addition to the busted core??? my heater core is double barrell-sawed off shot to HELL!!!
I WAS AFRAID MY HEADS WERE GONE AT FIRST BUT MY CAR HAS BLESSED ME OR I LUCKED UP, ONE. ack you had me dying laughing about your ace ventura journey to the dealership to have your core fixed. i cant stop picturing you man hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

now back to the blower situation, i had some codes written, lemme see can i find'em ryt quick.

02-14-08, 12:04 PM
the same day it ran hot and was leaking near the backside of the motor.
This leads me to think it could be the heater pipes along the rear head, a somewhat common failure, but that would not put steam or puddling in the cabin. That is almost certainly a heater core leak.

02-18-08, 07:04 AM
thnx alot ranger, i'll keep you posted bud