: Starts fine when cold, hesitates when warm...

05-16-04, 05:36 PM
In the morning my 97 Deville cranks up fine. It just hit 90k miles the other day. When it hesitates, after I smell a slight sent of gas but leaves after about 15 seconds. I took it to a small auto shop and they couldn't find anything. I would also like to know how to erase all the code on the computer so I can see what going on now. A friend of mine said that the Cadillacs store all the codes since the day they are manufactored. Is this true and if so how do I erase the codes ? Thanks

05-16-04, 07:15 PM

This should help....

05-16-04, 11:00 PM
Codes are NOT stored since the day the car was built....LOL...if a code sets it will turn on the SES light as long as it is current..i.e..the onboard diagnostics system is detecting a failure currrently. If the code is not longer being detected the code reverts to a "history" code that is stored for 50 ignition cycles and then it erases if it isn't showing up or being detected any more.

05-17-04, 05:15 PM
Wow... thank link helped very much, thank you ! Bob, thanks for setting the story straight. I was thinking the same thing you said but he kept on insisting so I just gave in and belived it

05-17-04, 11:38 PM
Check the fuel pressure regulator and/or replace it. Most likely cause of the complaint you have. Lots in the archives...search using "fuel pressure regulator" or "FPR"....