View Full Version : Any Ohioans Out There? DMV Problem

02-10-08, 07:38 AM
Not sure where else to post this but I have an issue I was hoping somebody may have dealt with. The short version: I sold my 1990 Deville to a guy in Ohio about a year ago. Since RI does not title vehicles over 10 years old it was sold with a bill of sale and previous registration only. Now (a year later) he's calling me and telling me he can't register it without a title. Anybody have any experience trying to register a car in Ohio from a non-title state?


02-10-08, 11:41 AM
He's calling you a year later? :hmm: IMO this is his problem and not yours. He needs to have the vehicle re-titled in his own state.

Eric Kahn
02-10-08, 12:46 PM
the issue is that he can not have a title issued here, Ohio makes it very hard to have a car titled from out of state unless you have a title either in your name or an out of state title that has been signed over to you (notarized as to the date of sale and price, Ohio BIG on sales tax on cars)

his best option on that car now would be to go to RI and register it there in his name then come back to ohio and transfer it to ohio, unless RI will issue a legal document saying the car was sold to him and RI does not issue titles on old cars

having dealt with the DMV too many times, he is fighting an uphill battle, the registrars (license bureau) are contractors and the people working there are sometime clueless to the actual rules, he might need to go to the clerk of courts office (the people who actually issue titles in Ohio) and talk to them

02-10-08, 05:57 PM
Thanks. He's talked to them twice, the first guy told him he could do it with the previous registration and bill of sale and the second said he had to have a title. Kind of like the IRS; call them five times and take the best three answers you get...