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02-10-08, 12:44 AM
I just recently replace my rear struts with Arnott replacements. I broke one of the rubber isolators/dampners installathing the new ones, so I just reused the old one. I kept getting a clunk only to tear it down and find the old one tore. I found a new one, and while the ride is acceptable, it can get me around, it is nowhere near what it should be. My 90 Taurus rides better. I noticed the compressor kicks in for 3 seconds when I start the car, then it stops, 2 seconds later, it runs again for about 30. I also can hear it kick in again within 10 minutes, running again for about 30 seconds. I have a feeling that this isn't normal operation. I was thinking lines, but I cannot hear or see any leaks or anything. Any insight/help is appreciated greatly. I just want my decent ride back. SORRY, I coulda swored it was in the Seville past model forum. Maybe a mod can move this for me?

02-10-08, 01:30 AM
The self-check just after starting or key-on is normal. It activates the pump for a few seconds, then you should be able to hear it exhaust air to lower the car to the correct level.

I would think if the compressor runs again in 10 minutes, there is an air leak. But, at least, the sensor system and compressor system is working correctly.

02-10-08, 10:29 AM
You have an air leak somewhere. Get the car up in the air, turn the key on, and go over the compressor lines with a spray bottle of very soapy water. Bubbles = leak. You might also get away with having 2 friends sit on the open trunk lip while you crawl around....their weight will trip the level system on.

The prove-out just after engine start is normal, the intermittent running is not.

There is an intake filter for the compressor on the end of the hose which should be stuffed up in the fender liner/frame area. Clean? Also an air dryer on the discharge side of the compressor. Replaceable.......do it now.

This really belongs down in suspension, where there are threads similar to this...search.)