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02-09-08, 09:10 AM
Okay guys I really need your help again. I had to have the engine replaced in my Catera after only 66k miles b/c for some reason oil wasnt getting to the bottom of the engine (according to the mechanic) anyway the long and the short of it is, after getting my car back from having the engine replaced I took it to goodyear to have the tires aligned...the person doing the alignment asked me into the bay to look underneath my car and showed me two different spots where two bolts where missing from the sub frame and how it was hanging down, touching the tie rod in one spot. The mechanic where I had the engine replaced was in my parents home town 80 miles away, he advised that it probably wouldnt be safe driving it back down there to have the bolts replaced and that I could get it done here in memphis, but he didnt know what the bolts were called (sub frame bolts?) or where I might get them at besides maybe the cadillac dealership or a transmission shop....so I'm calling on you guys to see maybe if you know where I could get these bolts, what the actual name for them is, and just where I should start looking in general....Thanks in advance for any help you all can be :)

09-04-08, 09:24 PM
Sounds like you're talking where the engine cradle/frame connects to the body. There are bolts which are torqued to about 76 lbs. ft. This connection point will also have Frame Insulators which have 5 parts:

1. Bolt
2. Retainer
3. Insulator (lower)
4. Insulator (upper)
5. spacer

I believe all associated parts must be purchased from GM, if available.

Edit: Newgmparts.com has these parts:
When searching for parts see: Front Suspension then Subframe Member and go from there.

09-05-08, 07:53 PM

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