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Cadi Cat
02-06-08, 09:19 PM
Does anyone know where I can get a high performing set of ceramic pads and compatible slotted rotors? I found out that my calipers are still in great shape and in need of just new slider pins. I want to throw on some really quality brakes this time around. Those metallic pads are crap!!


02-06-08, 10:09 PM
I bought mine off eBay. The rotors are slotted and cross drilled. I used ceramic pads from GM. I ma happy with them except they are a little noisier than the stock, but it is worth the stopping power.

02-06-08, 11:21 PM
I hate to sound like a broken record (or a scratched CD for the youngsters who don't know what a record is) but if you're going for drilled & slotted discs why not go all the way? Contact Batboy and make a deal for his 2004 GTO front calipers & hoses. Slap in some Corvette (C5) pads, mount them over the new discs, and you've got the best brakes your Catera has ever had.


02-07-08, 02:05 PM
I agree, the drilled and slotted brakes do nothing but reduce performance to due to decrease in overal swpet area, so you will be better off with more clamping force, or a larger rotor diameter, but not less surface area due to drilled holes. Also unless you are racing the cars and you are baking those pads you dont really need the added slots, they do absolutely nothing for you... I guarantee that if you take a stock car and one with upgraded rotors and try to compare the stopping distances you wont notice any differences, in fact you may see slighly longer distances with those cheap ol' ebay junks...
Nothing wrong with the regular non drilled non slotted rotors. The only upgrade I would recommend is some ceramic pads and maybe the calipers upgrade but nothing more then that...

Cadi Cat
02-07-08, 07:01 PM
I don't want to go with cross drilled but I do want slotted. The cross drilled I hear are prone to crack and there is less surface area thus reducing brake performance. This is what I want to go with for the front......39387 and then just oem plain on the rear. I would go for the GTO calipers but mine are in perfect shape. Just one of the slider pins were rusted and I need to get a new set. I plan on cleaning them up painting them silver and slapping on some ceramic pads. Would a larger diameter rotor fit on this car?

02-07-08, 07:20 PM
Well slotted is probably the only thing that might make some difference due to the fact that it will shave the surface of the pad and remove any burned material so that might help especially if you are the type of person who fires their brakes or does a lot of panic stops...
Get them only if they are not too much more expensive then stock oem replacements. TireRack sells rotors in the 50-100$ range per rotor so if you can get anything close to that go for it otherwise if they are asking too much money for a set well it simply wont be worth it...
Otherwise GTO calipers will be great if you can get them for a good deal. Let us know what you choose. I think the rotors you got in the picture are a good brand and should be free of defects in the future...

02-08-08, 07:59 AM
I agree^^ also keep in mind that pad life is reduced with slotted rotors.

02-08-08, 09:51 PM
But they look so damn good... ;)