: Sharing the joy of owning Black Sunshine..

Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 06:02 PM
My Impala comes up from time to time in other folks threads and I don't want to tick off the forum Gods talking non-caddy in a caddy thread so I thought I'd start off sharing some info and do some bench racing here.

First, a lil history. Bought him off ebay for $10K in the Fall of '03. Completely stock. 15 second car. Here he is when I went down to Tampa to pick him up.


Then I started frequently dark alleys and back road race tracks with a bunch of shady Impala SS characters and gearheads (Check out The East Coast Impala Racing Series here.) (http://www.ecirs.org/) and, whatcha know?, I'm addicted and have the mod bug sumpin terrible.

Started scavenging (much like I'm doing right now for the V) off guys that were selling out. Did all the bolt on stuff one would normally do when staying N/A. Roller rockers, springs, intake, exhaust, cutouts, drag radials, pulling the belt, etc. All the while picking up appearance stuff along the way. As you can see Black Sunshine likes black.


I finally got him into the 13's N/A.

Then a very young and talented fabricator that frequented the SS forums called out for some dope willing to put a maggie on his LT1. I couldn't resist even though I knew the 160K would not hold up to the abuse very long. So I headed up to Nu Joisee and we started work.




I should have known better than starting to polish that bitch. Took me hours!!!


The finished product was sadistic.


Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 06:37 PM
Well, the stock bottom end lasted for about 6 months before I started getting serious blowby. So we pulled the engine to do a 383 stroke on it. Guess what I found.


Went forged using a stroked block from a friend of mine but made the mistake of going with I-beam rods.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/383/BOILRSS383EngineBuildSml.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/383/BOILRSS383EngineBuildSml.jpg)


Sorry bought the yappin dog.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/BOILR-SS/th_SuperchargerCrankWalkAround.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/BOILR-SS/?action=view&current=SuperchargerCrankWalkAround.flv)

Being real easy on it with the traffic.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/BOILR-SS/th_SuperchargerRideAround.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/BOILR-SS/?action=view&current=SuperchargerRideAround.flv)

She lasted about 3 months before an intake back fire did this. God, I HATE I-beam rods. Will never use another.


By this time Keith and I could pull the engine in 1 hour 30 minutes and put it back in in 1-45. We pulled it and I had to leave on business. (Remember this is still my daily driver and business car.)

So I call him up to see how things are going and he tells me there's some kid in the shop with a hard on for my blower.:eek: I told Keith the kid could have it for twice what we had in it thinking that should scare him off. I really like the growl of the blower. Well, the sucker shows back up with a cashiers check and poof my intake is gone.

Keith say, "Don't worry. I got something up my sleeve for you." and hung up. Daum! What's he up to? So I got back up there ASAP and this is what I saw.


We did some dickerin' and came up with a deal. Two Hybrid T3/T4 turbos, stainless one off headers and a monster inercooler.


The car did me proud for another 18 months and some 90K before I said what the hey one morning and took it to ATL for the Super Heavy Shootout and burned a piston twistin him up to 22 PSI. Ran a 12.1 letting out of it at the 1/8 and blowing up. YEEEEHAAAAAA!!!!

So the car has been hibernatin for about a year and is now getting pulled out to start the engine rebuild and complete suspension, interior and exterior makeover.

02-06-08, 07:12 PM
ummmmm....jesus, you dont mess around

Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 07:17 PM
Did I mention I love racing this car? And I'm a firm believer that cars are made to drive and enjoy. DEATH TO ALL TRAILER/GARAGE QUEENS!!!









Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 07:32 PM
I reiterate. Cars are meant to be driven.....

Snow shoes on!!! Canada Hooooooo! Or is it "Ehhhhhhhhh!"?



Out amongst the corn of Iowa.


It's even more fun with friends.


Guess where.



Glad I paid attention to the sign.


Of course you have to be willing to pay the price....

Dumb bitch (I mean I really think she was retarded) in an empty parking lot...


Gatorback meet Black Sunshine. Black Sunshine meet gatorback. 6' peice of retread wrapped over and under.


Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 09:03 PM
Car Shows? I love going to car shows.

Miss CarCraft Summer Nationals



Road with the Power Tour and John Moss (designer of the Impala SS and the camaro) asked to see my car and was kind enough to sign the dash. SuWEET!


Snagged a first place winners jacket and trophy at Super Chevy Show.



The local rustang clubs hate my guts. :highfive:


The best day after meeting John Moss was getting to meet Chip Foose. Snagged an Overhaulin race suit and Chip offered to sign it too. Most excellent.



02-06-08, 09:27 PM
That twin turbo setup is INSANE!! Great thread my friend, and a damn sexy car. :thumbsup:

02-06-08, 09:29 PM
Kool pic. I just love your car.:thumbsup::worship:

Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 09:31 PM
Some assorted video....

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/Car%20Shows/SSHS%20Vids/th_SSHS4FlyBy.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/Car%20Shows/SSHS%20Vids/?action=view&current=SSHS4FlyBy.flv)

For some reason this hotel won't let us come over and play no mo. Wonder why?

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/Car%20Shows/SSHS%20Vids/th_HandicappedParkingBurnout.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/Car%20Shows/SSHS%20Vids/?action=view&current=HandicappedParkingBurnout.flv)

The morning after....

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/Car%20Shows/SSHS%20Vids/th_ParkingLotAftermathSunday.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/Car%20Shows/SSHS%20Vids/?action=view&current=ParkingLotAftermathSunday.flv)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/BOILR-SS/th_SuperchargerCrankWalkAround.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/BOILR-SS/?action=view&current=SuperchargerCrankWalkAround.flv)

Behaving myself and bearly gettin in the boost because there was traffic and I'm driving a 500 RWHP car while video taping.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/BOILR-SS/th_SuperchargerRideAround.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v448/boilrmkr/BOILR-SS/?action=view&current=SuperchargerRideAround.flv)

Black Sunshine @ Putnam Raceway. Twin turbos and two huge guys as passengers. I'm a novice and very good at missing my apex. I was hitting 140 on the front straight but the street tires meant I got killed in the turns.

http://thumbs.streetfire.net/c851dcc8-a86a-47f7-aa7f-fc80597747be.jpg (http://videos.streetfire.net/video/c851dcc8-a86a-47f7-aa7f-fc80597747be.htm)Video shot during the 2006 ISSCA Nationals at Putman Raceway Park in Mt. Meridian, IN. The car is Boilermaker's Twin Turbo 96 Chevy Impala SS. Point of view is from the back passenger seat. (http://videos.streetfire.net/video/c851dcc8-a86a-47f7-aa7f-fc80597747be.htm)

http://thumbs.streetfire.net/746efd6b-b32c-4dd1-8998-98a50017b41b.jpg (http://videos.streetfire.net/video/746efd6b-b32c-4dd1-8998-98a50017b41b.htm)B-Body picture TributeThanks to all the Heavy Weights!! (http://videos.streetfire.net/video/746efd6b-b32c-4dd1-8998-98a50017b41b.htm)

02-06-08, 09:34 PM
Well you got away with it and no jail time so your good(The hotel).

02-06-08, 09:37 PM
:thumbsup: Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

02-06-08, 09:38 PM
Hey RT.:worship:

Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 09:46 PM
Thanks for the props sweetheart (and guys).

Now, it is time for The Don!!!


Got the magnaflow catback with X pipe, Cadillac Racing sway bars, stainless brake lines, MSD coils, Hawk pads, optional OEM wheels, UUC shift kit and a mild tune mounted. Getting ready to install the KARSIII rear cradle, kooks headers, rear strut brace, slicks, intake, coil overs, QA1 shocks and, if things go well, I'll put the maggie on with a custom cam, roller rockers and springs, too.

Should be fun.:bouncy:

02-06-08, 09:49 PM
I'm gonna be like you when I grow up.....wait... I already am....who cares great vehicles maaaaaaannnn.

Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 09:52 PM
Well you got away with it and no jail time so your good(The hotel).

Not that they didn't try. All he had to do was ask for the video camera I was holding and we all would have been busted big time. It cost us $12K to fix the newly resurfaced parking lot. Luckily, we still broke even on that Southern Super Heavy Shootout Race Day.

02-06-08, 10:39 PM
wanna make my cady like that? lol

02-06-08, 11:37 PM
wow great thread i loved it... great car i wish i could of met chip foose

Black Sunshine
02-06-08, 11:40 PM
Sure. Love the Caddy's, too, bro.


Actually we were talking about cloning the turbo kit while the engine is out if there's enough interest.

There's a few guys that have done their own LT1 turbo builds and I helped Keith sell about 12 more systems similar to mine to owners of Impalas, Roadmasters and, I think, one caddy before he quit and went to work for someone else.

All it takes is the willingness to rip in and get it done, good parts and a good bank account. I ended up with $10K for Black Sunshine and about $12K more for everything else. But I'm a cheap bastard and did alot of work myself, spent many all nighters in the garage helping Keith, got the new parts way low wholesale and scavenged off of distressed owners for everything else.

Here's the low down on the mods:

Exterior Mods:

Clear corner turn signal lenses, Sequential turn signal tail lights, Sequential brake lights, SEO wiper arms, Upgraded lights all around, Custom GTO red painted grille insert, White SSLED grille bow tie, Custom Impala headlight covers, ’61 Camaro crossed fender flags, Impala SS rear deck badge, Custom passenger side rear view mirror (“Objects In Mirror Are About To Disappear”), Polished OEM wheels

Interior Mods:

Bonneville seats (six way) - front, Bonneville covers w/ Bonneville arm rest on Impala frames - rear, Gene Bennett 5 point driver’s racing harness, Pioneer CD head unit, Radio antenna control, XM radio, Laptop computer mount, GPS, OEM full size spare wheel/tire, Window Tint, Front door sill dust shields, Trunk insulation and fender/hinge cover kit, Custom Trunk Lid Cover, Custom Impala SS floor mats, Fire extinguisher

Mechanical Mods:

OBD1 ECM conversion, Bryan Herter PCMFORLESS.COM programming, MPE Racing Fabrication 383 Stroked Small Block 10.6:1 (balanced and blueprinted), Stock iron heads with porting, Comp 1.5 Roller Rockers and Beehive Springs, Comp custom grind cam, Graphite push rods, Forged crank shaft, Forged H-beam rods, Forced induction pistons and rings, LT4 knock module, Home plate / first base intake baffle delete, High flow racing air filter, TB porting, MPE Racing Fabrication Twin Hybrid T3/T4 turbos (0-28 PSI), Internal waste gates, Stage II Intercooler, Air pump / piping delete, Mezier electric water pump, BECOOL radiator, Blacked-out resevoir bottles, Rustic Racing ignition wires, AR103 spark plugs, Proportioning brake bolt, Coolant freasebleeder valve, Blackout Racing (Sweden) 4L60E Stage III transmission, Custom superior shift kit, Custom ATI 2800 stall lock-up torque converter, Deep transmission pan, Solid boby u-joints, Hotchkis front (1-7/16”, hollow) and rear (1-1/4”, solid) anti-sway bars with Hotchkis experimental mounting kit, Blackout/Rustic Racing instant center axle brackets, Body bushing upgrade, ZQ8 bump stops, 9C1 front springs, Custom wound rear springs (184 lbs.), Moog problem solver idler arm, 2-1/2” down pipes, 3” exhaust pipes, H-pipe, Flowmasters mufflers, 3” under axle exhaust pipes, 3” x 3-1/2” x 24” stainless steel exhaust tips exiting behind tires, 9C1 front brake calipers, High performance pads, High performance TRW directional rotors, Rustic Racing stainless braided brake lines (blacked out), Bridgestone Fuzion 275/40/17 tires

Kinda funny, but I'm very proud of the Hotchkis sways because John Hotchkis sold them to me right off of his Impala.

And a partridge in some kinda tree....

02-06-08, 11:43 PM
I'd race ya, but I sold my Camaro to one of my friends. I had that thing set to run like hell. It was an '87 IROC-Z with the 350tpi. Stroked it out to a 383, cam, lifters, rockers, pistons, port tuned and polished the intake, headers, dual 3.5 inch exhaust all the way back, Glasspack mufflers (they didn't do much muffling :yup:), shift kit, new ignition, 3.43 rear end gearing (stock was 3.28), programmer to remove speed limiter and some suspension stuff. God that car was a screamer. I used to love racing all the little retards in their civics and imrezas and flicking them off through the t-tops when I blew them away. It would pull mid-12's in the quarter mile. I had gotten that car for $2000, but lost track of the mods. I sold it to my friend because I found my caddy and decided I would rather have a car I can drive year-round and be comfortable in than have one that would need to be stored every winter and only get me in trouble. I still drive it every once in a while, but she just can't compare to the Fleetwood.

Sinister Angel
02-07-08, 12:04 AM
You, good Sir, have a beautiful car!

02-07-08, 01:35 AM
Awesome car, man. I have never seen an Impala which looked that nice.

By the way, I noticed that you're in moultrie. Mom's from there.

Black Sunshine
02-07-08, 03:19 AM
Yep, Lil ol Moultrie it is. My wife was born here and we moved onto Lower Meigs Road about 12 years ago.

I'll race anything for the fun of it. Even raced a dragster on a dare one night. He gave me like 7 lengths and still blew my doors off before I had my foot to the floor but it sure was fun.

I just like having a good time treating my cars the way they were built to be treated, meeting great folks from all over (I think at one time I belonged to 12 Impala SS clubs around the country. What was I thinking?) and recruiting folks to the evil side.

The first guy I met into the "scene" was just like me stuck down South 3-4 hours away from every big city. So we decided to start our own Impala club. DeepSouthSS. Started posting up on the forums, started a yahoo site (I know) and set up all kinds of gatherings in SOWEGA and N. FLA. Started hooking up with some national action going and supporting other clubs' events and we've been doing a National event for several years. Great fun. Wonderful, diverse people. Many too many drunk people that smell of burned rubber and VHT.


One of the few times we got EVERYONE in DeepSouthSS together at one time. From jacked Bubbles to ground scraping low riders with some racers thrown in.


The people. It's really bout the people and smiling faces.

And hey by no way is my car really that special. There are many much finer examples out there. (in their own way)



Rick Hendrick's Impala from his personal collection.


The fastest Impala in the world and her driver on the salt flats.



Oh, did I mention that I drove Black Sunshine up to the '06 Impala SS Club of America's Nationals in Indianapolis. Parked the car in the car show area after a run thru the washing machine. It rained twice the morning of the show so he got wiped down twice. Totally floored when I got the 1st place trophy in the >150,000 daily driver class.









Not bad for mostly original paint, the third hood and over 200K miles.

Long live Zaino.

Black Sunshine
02-07-08, 03:21 AM
Yes, that's a trailer hitch.:want:


02-07-08, 10:33 AM
Sure. Love the Caddy's, too, bro.


That's Elias's isn't it?

Car Shows? I love going to car shows.

Miss CarCraft Summer Nationals


Ooooh, you go to Summer Nationals? I go there too, as a spectator. If you go this year, let me know. I'll meet up with ya.

Black Sunshine
02-07-08, 11:13 AM
Yep, that's his at last years ISSCA Nationals in St. Louis. We're doing the Nationals in St. Louis again this year. Father's Day weekend.

I've been to the Summers twice. Once I parked with the local Impala SS club and the next time I just walked the show and went over and cruised "the strip" with all the hot rods. Had a great time participating in the spectator sport. Never saw so many people lining a street to watch a cruise before.