: help please

02-06-08, 02:46 PM
i have a 99 sts about a month ago i had water pump and thermostat install. the mechanic for some reason put a new gasket on my throttle body. since that time i have had starting problems.the car cranks find when cold. when the engine is hot it is hard to start or want start. also my temperature gauge works find when the car is cold but when it is hot it will not move as usual. what do i need to do to correct this problem. thanks

02-06-08, 03:13 PM
Hard hot starts are symptomatic of a leaky FPR. Check it out. Instructions are in the Tech Tips section.

02-06-08, 03:33 PM
thanks ranger i assume fpr means fuel pump regulator.new to the site. do i just click on tech tips

02-06-08, 08:47 PM
FPR = Fuel Pressure Regulator.

Yeah, just go down to the bottom of the page and click on the forum jump drop down arrow and then click on Tech Tips.

02-07-08, 10:26 AM
thanks Ranger I will give this a try this weekend. One last question will this also take care of my temperature gauge? when the car is hot and want start the gauge do not move. but when it cold it works find. also some time even after it cranks my heater do not work. do i need to go back into the throttle bottle to make sure i have good connections.

02-10-08, 08:37 PM
The FPR has nothing to do with the temperature gauge or the heater. Neither does the Throttle Body if that is what you are referring to by "throttle bottle".

02-11-08, 09:23 AM
thanks we clean out the throttle bottle this weekend and check the FPR. So far all of my problems seems too has eliminated. i really do appreciate you and this site.

02-11-08, 09:06 PM
Ricky Ricardo