: Looking for Answers...Getting tired!

02-05-08, 06:12 PM
This is my second SRX, previously had a 2004 V8, currently have 2007 V6. The 2007 developed a untracable noise at about 7,500 miles. GM/Dealership has done all that they can do allowable by TSB's.

The noise is audiable at hwy speeds 50 - 70 mph. I would call it a "pinging sound" or engine knock. The sound is just loud enough to be annoying. They have changed the exhaust system, checked the front differential, checked the harmonic balancer and heat shields.

The kicker comes when GM customer service wants to close the two complaints that I've made ablout the problem. I told them that the issue is still unresolved, leaving a customer unhappy. No response! The rep told me to drive it till it broke and then take it in for repair.

If I knew when I was shopping for the second SRX that I would have such aggravation with it, I might have looked elsewhere for a vehicle.

I like the car, don't like the untracable noise and the lack of aggression by GM to FIX the problem. $50,000 + should be reason enough to make it right.:banghead:

02-08-08, 03:08 PM
I would call it a "pinging sound" or engine knock.

Just a thought based on the assumption your description is technically accurate: Dump some octane improver into the next couple tankfuls. If the sound goes away, it's either your filling station or an issue with the engine management system.

02-17-08, 05:57 AM
"Slo-Mo" makes a good point. If the detonation goes away with increase octane, it could be as simple as a bad knock sensor, bad gas (if you always fill up at the same station), carbon deposits, etc. It's hard to diagnos a problem over the internet, so I'm afraid all we can do is offer suggestions like these

03-04-08, 08:51 PM
we bought a 2007 Escalade on 9/25/07. we had a pinging noise as well. after going round and round with the dealership they finally ended up replacing the entire motor and computer. the bad part is that we still dont know what the issue was because the mechanic was directed to crate it and ship it directly back to Cadillac so no one knows what the actual problem was.. we are still having issues with the car. we have had it in the shop for various problems so many times that all the work orders together look like a novel. cadillac still refuses to do anything about it..:confused: