: Fuel Door Hinge and Filler (Gas Cap)

02-05-08, 09:50 AM

The new Catera that I bought had 2 problems that I knew before I bought it:

1. The fuel door is screwed up. The mechanism to unlock it works fine, but when you open it, it just sort of hangs down on the hinge. Is this a common problem that can be fixed, or should I just go shopping around the salvage yards for a replacement?

2. The gas cap doesn't stay on the filler tube. The cap fits on, turns and clicks, but you can just pull it right off without turning it...I know this can't be right. I'm surprised it doesn't set off a CE light.

02-05-08, 11:29 AM
mine broke too, it has a double mount in there and the top one broke on mine due to some ice build up... but its not going to fall off due to its design... I know mine pissed me off too but nothing I can do about it.. Let me know if you find some in the junk yards.... I kept looking and I can never find a silver one...

02-05-08, 04:42 PM
Any ideas on the gas cap? I went to the store, gave the guy my car model and year, and the new one doesn't fit either. I'm perplexed. Is theer anything special about catera gas caps?...besides the fact that apparently mine doesnt work...

02-06-08, 09:17 AM
For anyone looking for a fuel door, they can be had at http://www.gmpartscheap.com for around $60, which isn't cheap, but at the same time isn't a complete rip-off. As for the fuel cap, I found that if I press very hard while turning it stays on. I'm pretty sure that isn't how it's supposed to work, but it works and that's all that counts. While inspecting the receiving end of the fuel cap on the car filler itself, I found that there is a little black band in the groove the can be rotated...after messing around with it a bit I got the cap to stay in place.

02-11-08, 02:13 PM
My Cat failed the pollution check due to a faulty gas cap; the dealership replaced it with an inexpensive one that cost less than ten dollars. The Cat fuel cap was expensive.