: Customize Jib Jab Starring You !!!

02-01-08, 03:53 PM
Jib Jab that cool site with the political satires has now opened up a new section allowing you to put you, your friends and family into their videos and email them to friends. They are really cool, you'll love it. They give you 50 credits for signing up, this allows you to send 1 video creation to as many people as you want leaving 20 credits in your account I bought another 100 credits for $10 giving me another 4 creations to send - not bad. Check out the link below to one I created with my 2 sons - break dancin'. Ths one is free to send cause you get a Pepsi commercial in front of it.


Bonus - my wife & I 1983 photos in a Disco Video


02-01-08, 07:13 PM
Well - who stared in a Jib Jab video - go ahead and post it!