: Almost Hit By Bus While Walking!!

05-14-04, 06:36 PM
Ya, that's all I would need to happen. :rolleyes2 There is a special street for all the city busses where they do transfers, etc. I had to walk by this street today. Usually there are no busses there during certain times of the day and no one waits for a green light to walk across that intersection because of this. When I approached the redlight I stopped, then I see a bus coming over my left shoulder and he is starting to turn toward me to go into the bus street. Then I get a green light, and start to cross when all of a sudden WHOOSH! Right in front of my nose! :rant2: Then I find myself running backwards suddenly because when something this big turns towards you, the back end is already much closer, and approaching fast! That SOB driver ignored the light. Just like semis, they figure they are big and can do whatever they want. This was one of the first times that I have obeyed the lights and waited for the green to walk, because as no cars are allowed on that street, and if no busses are are around, people just cross.

My point is that I should have just walked during the red light as he was approaching and he would have seen me, then all this danger would have been avoided! Maybe sometimes it's better to not do what the light says.