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01-31-08, 10:26 PM
Hey I've got a question, because a friend of mine just got his car broken into. They busted out one of the door windows, to steal a camera, and now my buddy has no camera and a car missing a window.

It's a late model Jeep Grand Cherokee and I believe it's a power window. He said his insurance would take care of it, but he is gonna have to pay $500 out of pocket and the ins. co. will pay the rest.

My question is, is $500 wayy to much for just replacing a window? I mean, a windshield is usually around $175-200, but this just seems wayy too much. Does this sound about right? It's alot of money and he's gonna have to buy the camera out of the pawn shop (if he finds it), since the police don't know anything and seem to "give up."

01-31-08, 10:38 PM
Pick a Part yards are FULL of Jeeps, and I doubt it would cost $500 for a side window.

01-31-08, 10:45 PM
Yeah but he's not in a position to fix it himself. I'm just wondering if the shop has jacked up the price to get ins. co. money, unbeknownst that my friend has to pay a $500 deductible. (He's a safe driver, so he's got low rates, but a higher deductible)

Ya think going straight to the shop would, they'd go down? I know they do that sometimes if they know you're paying out-of-pocket. Still 500 bucks sounds outrageous. Is that even ballpark of a repair like this done at a shop?

01-31-08, 11:20 PM
Sounds pretty f'ing high to me... ... ...

01-31-08, 11:20 PM
And, if it costs less than five hundred, don't go through the insurance company at all. Pay for it and tell the insurance you DON'T want to file a claim because that will just make the rates go up. Even if its six or seven hundred, it'd be cheaper in the long run to pay the extra two hundred than have higher insurance rates for three years...

01-31-08, 11:24 PM
That seems awfully high for a window. Hell I got a new windshield put on my Taurus for $150

01-31-08, 11:26 PM
Too high... The price, and the person charging that.

A side window at a bone yard? less then $100
Door panel off, and prob 2 bolts holding it to the regulator.

Very easy fix

Crown Vic Owner
02-01-08, 11:57 PM
it MAY be riveted onto the regulator, so be careful. Dont rivet it back on.

02-02-08, 02:10 PM
Well I found out today, that there was some body damage. The thieves used something like a baseball bat and completely tore up the door frame and some of one of the pillars. All of this, and it was only for an 80's film camera that brings around $20.00 on eBay. They probably hawked it to buy a "nickel bag" if you know what I mean, because I'm certain they didn't get more than that from a run-in shop. Some people just have no consideration; cause a guy $800 in body, paint, and glass work all for five dollars. Not to mention the camera was a family heirloom. I would really liked to have been there to exercise the new Texas "castle law" (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-forums-lounge-member-introductions/124323-little-dose-texas-ya.html) if you know what I mean. Anyways, my buddy is just gonna pay his $500 deductible, and let them pay the rest. He's got full coverage, and his rates won't go up since it was a robbery/vandalism.

Thanks for the input guys,

02-02-08, 03:01 PM
That's rediculous! It didn't cost half that to have a new window installed in my Corvette!!! Hell, a junkyard door with a window should only be about $100 at most, certainly less for a common vehicle like a Jeep! Unless the damage to the pillar is super bad, then I think something is rotten in Denmark. 1990CaddyBrougham works at a body shop; perhaps he can enlighten us? But that sounds way too high if it's topping $500 by a significant enough ammount that it's worth having a claim versus paying out of pocket.

02-02-08, 04:28 PM
Like I say, his rates are not going up. So 500 is better than 800 IMO. As for the costs, I kinda understand. When I was pulling out of a parking space in my Brougham I nudged a Honda CRV and gave it a 3in. impression in the metal. After all was done, I found out the ins. co. paid out $450 to have that repaired. No one was in the car, and I could have driven off, but being honest I found the owner and got everything resolved. Unfortunately my insurance rates went from $65/mo. to $280/mo. ...so much for honesty. I switched carriers to say the least.

And my friend thinks he knows the person who did this, so there might have been some personal provocation for "extra" damage.