: Check Engine Light! Code Retrieved!

01-28-08, 05:30 AM
Hey guys!

The Check Engine light came on again during a drive on the highway. This is the second time it did this. The first time, I cleared the code to see if it will come back again. It didn't come back for a good 600-700KM. I scanned it this time and it gave me a P0132 - O2 Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor). This is referring to the Oxygen Sensor in Bank 1. I checked GM SPO which I got from EBAY, and it shows that there are a total of FOUR oxygen sensors underneath the car. Two for each exhaust pipe. Anyone know exactly which Oxygen Sensor this code is referring to? On the diagram I have, it shows that there are two oxygen sensors in Bank 1, and two for Bank 2. How do I know which one is bad?

01-28-08, 06:43 AM
Bank 1 sensor 1 is the passenger side sensor before the catalytic converter.

The banks refer to which side of the engine the sensor is on, bank 1 has cylinder 1 and bank two starts with cylinder 2. On a Catera the engine is "flipped" based on old school GM engines. That puts bank one on the right.
The numbering system starts from the engine and works back down the exhaust. If you had 20 of them, they would start at the front and increase in number as you follow the exhaust from the engine to the rear.

01-28-08, 09:08 AM
you can take out sensor/s and clean with electrical cleaner or mass airflow cleaner or carb cleaner be sure to use a tooth brush because they can get pretty dirty and re plug them in after they are clean and dry if you get a code again later after this one is cleared you will have to get a new sensor/s ngk has a direct fit for much cheaper than dealer or bosch visit www.summitracing.com those cheap ones people have problems with specially with splicing the wires

01-28-08, 09:20 AM
The code says Bank 1 Sensor.. does this mean it's Sensor 1? There is also a 2nd sensor on Bank 1 right? But ya, I'll give it a good cleaning, and hopefully that fixes it. Another thing... is it required to use a special tool to remove this thing? I know on my old car, I would just use a wrench.

01-28-08, 09:33 AM
The special socket isn't required...just use a wrench.

01-28-08, 09:45 AM
sensor 1 is before catalytic convertor (closer to motor) and sensor 2 is after the catalytic convertor Bank 1 is passenger side Bank 2 is drivers side it may be a good idea to clean them all

be sure you unplug them carefully you will see a snap type plug on each

01-28-08, 09:09 PM
7/8" wrench usually does the trick.
I only use the special O2 sockets if there is little or no room to work.