: 1998-2001 Interior

01-27-08, 10:58 PM
I recently purchased a 1998 Catera and I was wondering if the interior was the same between 1998 and 2001. I wanted to get a wood trim finish in my car that they only offer for the 2000-2001's.

01-27-08, 11:24 PM
No they aint the same. But they do offer dash kits for the 97-99's. I'm buying one in the coming month or so. Found one for a little bit over $100. Some places got the same one for $200. so be weary of pprices.

01-29-08, 01:51 PM
Yeah, doing some research I found that the window switches were relocated to the doors. I was just wondering because I liked the wood trim all the way around the car instead of just the front and middle.

Po Pimp
01-29-08, 06:53 PM
The kits I have seen for the 97-99 only really feature an upgrade around the radio/ac head unit. They do not sell the wood pieces on the door. It is kind of bizarre because you have several different options on wood. I am not sure why you would change to a different wood in the center of the car and leave a different color wood on the doors? I E-mailed exotic wood dashes and told them they where stupid for that.

The 00-01 are actually quite different when you sit in them. Everything excet the window buttons are in the same place but all the lines are way more distinct. Like in the early models around the radio the vinly just kind of curves around. One the later models it has angled edges, makes it look a little more boxy, same with the doors. I personally like the earlier ones over the later ones. I just wish there where a couple more options for them in the aftermarket.