: battery "water" frozen?

01-27-08, 04:14 PM
My battery died while my car was garaged for the winter. (Cause my heater core is shot) and I checked the water levels in each cell and they were all filled to the proper level. But I noticed one cell's water is frozen solid. The rest are not. I can tell that someone has opened the cells up before because they are separate plastic Philip's head screw tops and they have twist marks from the last guy's screw driver must have lost bite. Maybe the one cell was empty and he filled it with tap water?

Could this be why my battery is low? Just curious.

01-27-08, 05:07 PM
The frozen cell is dead and was before you parked the car. Battery acid (hypo-sulphuric acid) freezes between -25 and -30 degrees F depending on the concentration. Your battery's frozen cell is mostly water while the rest are a water/sulphuric acid solution. Get a new Battery.