: Direct injection Catera?

Po Pimp
01-27-08, 03:16 PM
I am looking for specifics about the saab 3L turbo version of our engine. The Saab runs direct injection. If it could be converted over to our car it would most likely increase power and economy. If any one can come up with anything please post it here.

Probably not possible but still I think something to look into. I have been trying to research it for awhile but have come up with no specifics.

01-28-08, 11:22 AM
Are you talking about a whole engine swap or just the fuel delivery system? That would probably require changing to the Saab cylinderheads and EBTCM. How much HP does the Saab 3.0 produce? Is the Saab 3.0 a turbo motor? It sounds like an interesting project but I don't know if the benefits outweigh the effort. It would have to increase the Catera's power by 30 - 40 HP to make it worthwhile. Of course, any MPG improvement is welcomed.

Maybe we should be looking at a BMW turbo diesel like the Omega 2.2TD uses. More torque and better mileage. I think BMW used that same engine here. Using it along with the BMW transmission and buying a 2.2TD ETBCM from Great Britain might work.


01-31-08, 08:02 AM
A very interesting article on Direct Injection. Thought it might help.



01-31-08, 09:16 AM
The saab had a single turbo on the front bank because the engine is mounted sideways.. and it was only rated at 220hp and something like 225ft-lb, the goal was not power it was better torque and hp curves which will make it more fun to drive... the only problem i see with it is simply the idea of the one side of the enigne choking on the turbo while the other side is not doing anything... or maybe its just me.

I would suggest for a super power swap go with the Supra enigne and take it to a supra shop they will do the stand alone ECU on it no biggie you will just need someone to do the mounts for you and addapt to the rear drive shaft on our cars... maybe even a GTO rear diff swap along with the entire subframe... now something like that will catch many peoples attention...

01-31-08, 11:04 AM
could the turbo be upgraded ? and i thought the catera was direct injection as well ill check my sales book i swear it said something like Catera's direct injection system..... It a 97 sales book really neat its what the dealers had brochure or h/e u spell it lol

02-01-08, 01:38 PM
Ok the catera does have Direct Injection here is the sentance from the broshure It includes a 3.0L V6 engine with 24 valves, dual overhead cams and direct fuel injection

02-01-08, 04:17 PM
I checked my Catera Service Manual. It says the engine has Multipoint Fuel Injection. The only mentions of Direct Injection I could find refer to the Saab turbo version of the V6. Typical is the one below.

According to Wikipedia:
L81 3.0

The L81 was used longitudinally in the Opel Omega, Cadillac Catera and transversely in the Saturn L-Series, Saturn VUE and Saab 9000. Bore and stroke were 86 mm (3.38 in) 85 mm (3.35 in), for 2962 cc (180.75 in) displacement. with 10:1 compression, the engine produced between 182 hp (136 kW) and 208 hp (155 kW) with 190 lbft (258 Nm) to 199 lbft (270 Nm).

Saab's turbocharged version for Saab 9-5 (the X30) produced 200 hp (149 kW) at 5000 rpm and 229 lbft (310 Nm) at 2500-4000 rpm. Saab equipped the engine with special version of Saab Direct Ignition.


02-01-08, 05:55 PM
hmm maybe my sales broshure is wrong the saab has same hp just few more lb.ft of torque hmm id like and extra 30+lbs torque

02-01-08, 06:17 PM
Brochures are written by salesmen. Take them with a grain of salt. They should be accurate but often aren't. The brochure for my motorcycle stated that the engine was rubber mounted in the frame. That bike was in production for for 20 years in the US with few changes. It has never had rubber engine mounts. Kawasaki never corrected the mistake.


02-02-08, 01:37 AM
if your sales brochure is for the diesel omega it would be right otherwise it's wrong. Both the Saab and our cateras used multi port fuel injection. The only GM V6 that i know of that uses Direct inject is the current 3.6L in the cts and it's Very different then our motors
It's not a good idea to upgrade a single side turbo, besides the manifold doesnt fit between our motor and steering box

Po Pimp
02-02-08, 09:16 PM
I guess that makes more sense to me know. I kept seeing that the Saab was direct injection. Then I found something that said the Catera was direct injection. I guess the sales manual must be where the misinformation orginates.