: allantesource.com - the back up files

01-27-08, 02:28 PM
This sub-section under construction.

The purpose is to provide to the Allante crowd an alternate site carrying all of the Allante procedures
that ALLANTESOURCE.COM has on line. This backup will become valuable should Dick's site go off-line,
for any of various reasons, none of which I am sure would be his fault.

Any comments and requests please submit via PM or another posting.
This thread is for READ ONLY.

Permission to re-print all contents of AllanteSource.com at any Allante section/forum under MY control has been provided by Dick Hussey himself.

The unedited communications...

author=Stealth. date=01/24/08 at 12:39:24


One of the things we (Gary and myself) have done is to provide two additional Allante arenas for all to go to when any one site is down, for any reason. No more orphan Allante guys in panic, as it happened so many times before.

I offer to you the same service. I can "clone" all your procedures for any and all Allante guys to access should a server problem arise again, whether by way of technical issues or natural disasters.

As one can see, both of the other two Allante arenas are in separate geographic locations.

The chances of all three Allante sites going down together are 000.000 %, whether by weather, technical issues, mis-management, personal tragedy, death, or funding.

IMO, it is always good to have a contingency plan.

author=dhussey date=01/26/08 at 21:37:23

That's fine. I would welcome it. My view is that it makes no sense having others have to make all the same mistakes I have learning things the hard way. When I have time I plan to add a "How to" section for more procedures. It's a lot easier to send someone a link than to type out a procedure for the umpteenth time.

The AllanteSource.com HOME page

*** unable to load Graphical Home Page due to software limitations ***

As construction moves on, you will start to see TWO links for each item.

One will take you to the allantesource,
another will take you to our own in-house link.

That will be your back-up of all Allante Procedures.
Two " TWIN " links.

The Following LINKS take you to the various Allante procedures.
Simply CLICK on your choice and you shall be transported.

An Allante community service brought to you by the Stealth and G.A.R.Y. from the Allante Crowd.

About Us (http://www.allantesource.com/aboutus.htm)

Events (http://www.allantesource.com/events.htm)

Contact Allantesource (http://www.allantesource.com/contactus.htm)

ABS Information Brakes (http://www.allantesource.com/techtips.htm)

Pull Down Motors (http://www.allantesource.com/pdmotors.htm)

Digital Dash (http://www.allantesource.com/digidash.htm)

Window Switches (http://www.allantesource.com/windowsw.htm)

Window Regulators (http://www.allantesource.com/windowreg.htm)

Other Electricals (http://www.allantesource.com/otherelect.htm)

BOSE Speakers (http://www.allantesource.com/bosespeak.htm)

SDD Message (http://www.allantesource.com/sddmess.htm)

On-Board Diagnostics - D.I.C. - DIC (http://www.allantesource.com/rundiag.htm)

Parts (http://www.allantesource.com/usedparts.htm)

Factory Service Manuals (http://www.allantesource.com/servman.htm)

Memorabilia (http://www.allantesource.com/memabla.htm)

Books (http://www.allantesource.com/cofetble.htm)

Convertible Soft Tops (http://www.allantesource.com/cnvrtop.htm)

Cars 4-Sale (http://www.allantesource.com/aforsale.htm)

Allante History (http://www.allantesource.com/rb.htm)

Allante Art (http://www.allantesource.com/bd.htm)

Special Orders (http://www.allantesource.com/specord.htm)





04-08-08, 03:37 PM
While this section awaits construction, the Allante Procedures reside within my local hard drives.

Should the unthinkable happen and the allantesource site goes down, make contact with me through the email in MY Signature which should also be the email in MY PROFILE.

Tag the email " need allantesource help" and I will make it a priority to get you what you need, including the Procedures, Dick's phone number, etc ..

Ohh .. now and then, I hang out in the Yahoo IM of the same email address.

G.A.R.Y. can also help you in the same manner.