: UUC Flywheel .... WOW what a difference!!!

01-27-08, 01:12 PM
Well, I absolutely love my new flywheel form UUC.:D The V is pulling so much harder now from a dig or from a roll in first. I have also replaced my clutch and changed all fluids with Royal Purple "trans, diff, oil" plus cleaned the injectors and again all I can say is WOW.:D From a dig I have taken two brand new M5's with out even a sweat and for the first time ever put two car links on Nikon "Justin" from a starting roll of 10mph. I was even spining half way through first and still put two car links on him. The way my V is tuned the sweet spot in the power band is around 4000 to 5500 and I hit it very quickly.:cloud9: There is only a slight improvement on the highway from high speed rolls but I will have that all worked out with in about 30 days... Maggie anyone :lildevil:

01-27-08, 01:27 PM
What was the cost for the replacement of flywheel and clutch/fluids?

01-27-08, 02:15 PM
Awesome. :D
There are never any regrets regarding the UUC LWFW.

That heavy flywheel was like Training-Wheels for the customers Cadillac expected to have difficulty driving a stick. :cookoo:

01-27-08, 02:30 PM
Ya ya, rub it in........just don't get too cocky :lildevil:


01-27-08, 05:03 PM
Is there ANY WAY to do this install WITHOUT taking off at least one header?


Ak Jim
01-27-08, 05:12 PM
I could not agree more. If I had to choose the flywheel or the shifter I would pick the flywheel. Then the shifter, then the exhaust.