: Cat Back B*B

01-26-08, 12:41 AM
Just got it in the mail today and taking it to get installed tomorrow....Please tell me it matches up nicely and will not be a lotta grief to install...

01-26-08, 06:39 AM
Never heard anybody complain about a B&B matching up.

Resonator or x-pipe?

01-26-08, 09:50 AM
Much better fit than the magnaflow I had. It's a pretty straight forward install but make sure you put the mid pipes right side up.

01-26-08, 12:28 PM
Ok..had it installed today without much issue...( Resonator) Only thing they were concerned about was where it matched up with the stock system..The BB system has a flat flange and then a metal gasket between it and the stock .....but the stock pipe has some what of a beveled rounded flange to make a larger sealing surface......So the flat BB is matching up to this rounded beveled part......Dont hear any leaks....just seems weird...

01-26-08, 02:02 PM
I pulled the studs on mine and just used some flat gaskets but it works well either way.

Awesome exhuast though Congrats! :thumbsup:

01-26-08, 02:16 PM
the place where i ordered the system said i might want to change out the wires if i put on headers....did you??

01-26-08, 02:43 PM
If your talking about the spark plug wires I still have the stock ones. Why did he recommend this?

Now there are some ground wires that get mighty close and I have been worried about them. I think I will relocate later but these are some heavy gauge wires so it needs to be done properly or it will cause a bunch of problems.

You won't regret the Headers, they are the best I have seen. I really recommend the ARP studs. Bastards are expensive but they work very well and look quite nice once everything is installed.

Also, don't forget the second torque after a couple of heat cycles.

01-26-08, 04:36 PM

This place said to replace with their spark plug wires.....Shorter i guess

01-26-08, 09:00 PM
I have had my headers installed for about 6 month's now with no issues with the stock wires. Change them if you want but not sure it's required with the B&B Headers. If you decide to go with the Kooks I'm not sure.

01-28-08, 02:17 AM
Welcome to the B&B club Keith

01-28-08, 09:46 AM
Thanks...Only thing Im not really happy with is the "drone" at around 50 to 60 MPH in 6th gear.....I guess its that RPM range that seems to resonate in the car quite a bit....Have to use 5th more But other wise.....its about what I wanted....

01-28-08, 10:07 AM
... the "drone" at around 50 to 60 MPH in 6th gear ...That's the only thing that kept me from going B&B.

01-28-08, 02:37 PM
The Corsa doesnt do it??

01-28-08, 02:57 PM
The Corsa doesnt do it??Kooks + hi-flo cats + Corsa = No Drone (50-80 MPH cruise)