: Dealership Car Washes

05-13-04, 04:30 PM
Never dealt with dealerships before until I bought an Escalade last year. Anyway, I took it for an oil change a week ago and the guy comes into the waiting room a half hour later and says the truck is ready and that they also gave it a good wash for free. I told the guy I just had it detailed yesterday, but thanks anyway. Thinking it was a professional dealership, I figured they hand wash their cars and dry them off good. Ya right. I walk outside and my black beast is still wet and has fine scratches all over it. Obviously they just throw the things thru an automatic wash, which causes fine scratches everywhere(they stick out real bad in the sun on a black car). I was livid and let them know about it big time. The good news is I took it to the detail shop I go to every week(they do outstanding work) and they wet sanded the entire truck and put a fresh new glaze over the paint. It came out looking better than showroom and the dealership paid for it. Absolutely sweet. From now on, I'm going to tape a big piece of paper on my steering wheel that says "DO NOT WASH" anytime I go to the dealer.

05-13-04, 05:41 PM
I had a similiar experience with my '03 Town Car. My dealer DOES hand wash it. The wash was excellent, however....then they proceeded to "dress the tires" ~ ~ Oh my gawd! I don't know what the heck they used....but I'd best describe it as motor oil ! It stayed wet (actually wet) for 2 days, then turned a cocca-brown color, making the tires look like they went thru mud. It took washing the tires 3 times with Formula 409 and a scrub brush to get the junk off. It finally all came off. . .
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05-13-04, 06:17 PM
Never let the dealer wash your car, in fact make sure you tell them that everytime you are there and make them write it down.

05-15-04, 12:07 AM
Hmm the only car washes I go to are self serve with pressure washer, then take her outside and dry my car or if I'm really feeling lazy, the touchless automatic washers. They don't do a very good job, nothing beats wax on wax off :halo:

05-15-04, 04:45 PM
Never have you car washed at the dealer, I used to run the detail shop for a gm dealer, and I would make the wash guys clean there wash mitts all the time but there was still some problems with cars getting scratches, and yes be sure you are very specific when telling thm not to wash it cause they will still wash it because of bad communication, it happins all the time.

08-17-04, 10:58 PM
I agree !!! I just had a bad experience with a dealer detailing :annoyed: Whatever they used to clean the carpet (which didn't come out clean) caused my console to peel. I took it back to dealer today and they are going to redye/paint console and redetail. I told them I want it perfect. So I hope all goes well. The General Manager also added if I'm still not happy they will pay for me to have it detailed else where. I will be dealing with this dealership for years to come and I plan to hold them accountable for their work. I feel when I have my car serviced I should get a good carwash. If I have to ride them like a horse I will until they get it right. Thats the problem now days is that people don't demand good service.
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08-17-04, 11:25 PM
I used to work at a dealership as a car washer, and even though it was saab i got complements for my work. I got fired because the people who owned the dealership were *****s, but still, I guess since i love cars so much they came out great.

08-18-04, 01:33 AM
my mechanic just uses a power washer on my car and it seems to turn out really good especially the rims.

08-20-04, 09:07 PM
Hi everybody !!! Happy Friday I picked up Mr. Lucky today from the Caddy dealer They did a wonderful job redyeing console. They also did an out of this world detailing So I'm a happy gal. I'm glad my complaints were taken seriously. So if anyone else is having the peeling console issue Lou Ehler's Caddilac get's an A+ in rectifying customer complaints. Even though they have had my truck more than I due to problems that should have been checked before the truck was sold. They have always treated me like a queen they have taken care of every problem. No attitude which is rare these days.