: What a great start to a 5-day weekend....

Night Wolf
01-24-08, 06:44 PM


Just got done closing :D

man this whole entire month has been crazy..... Finally things setteled down now, but I need to finish painting, then start to move in. I have the lease on the house I am renting now thru Feb.... but I am gonna start spending the night at the new place tonight.

I know I haven't been on the forums much... but... this is whats been going on :)

It was built in 1992, 3br/2bath, 1200sq ft. What sold me was the lot, in a land where everything here is either older, in an older type subdivison which is typically in a not so great neighborhood, or newer cramed even tighter in a subdivsion where every house looks like the one next to it. It'll be nice to have a dishwasher and garbadge disposal again, not to mention actual counter space to do things like prepare a simple mean (the kitchen in the rental house is horrible)....but I found this. It's in the next town over, but my commute to work is actually shorter (15mins door to door) That town isn't very big, and has a very small-town homey type feel to it, exactly like what I grew up in, that really drew me to it. But its only 10mins from where I live now and here there is all the stores and restaruants you could want, so it's a really awesome location to me.

But the lot is 0.67acre and all wooded, its on a slope, but not too bad, it dosn't bother me. Its a corner lot on what was once a dead end street, but now off in the back they are buidling a small subdivsion (only 2 cul de sacs joined by a small lane) so still far enough from me not to bother me, there is a house next to mine but its a bit away, and because of the hill right behind my property and the layout of the subdivsion, there won't be anyone right behind me. All I hear is birds chirrping and the wind blowing the leaves there, looking out the windows I see trees, not the neighbors siding. The location and lot sold me.

It's got 2 bay windows, which I really like, but vaulted ceiling in the living room, when I walked in, I absolutly liked the layout and floor plan as well as the features of the house, all rooms need to be repainted, which I'm in the process of doing, but I liked it. Being 1992, its very new to me, newer, and nicer then any house I've lived in. It's got double-pane windows which are nice. It has wood siding and really needs to be painted, that'll be a Summer project. No garage or carport, that was the only draw back to me, but with all the benifits, I was easily able to overcome that, it does have 2 storage sheds. The house is not super big or extra fancy, its just how I like it, simple, but there is alot of character to it, especially inside.

They let me go in before closing to clean the carpets and paint, which I did, but this week with work I wasn't able to do anything, half the rooms are primed and I got one coat of paint ont he dining area... having a few friends over really sped the process up too :) So right now things are kind of all over becuase of the painting, but I'll be spending the nights there, bring the cats over and stuff, as the days go by I'll be bringing more and more of my stuff over.

Glad it's over now tho, things have been crazy, hopefully in another month when I am all moved in and everything is out of the house I am renting now, things will really settle back down.

01-24-08, 07:24 PM
Congrats! Looks like a relaxing place to be.

01-24-08, 07:27 PM
Nice man!!! New, plenty of bedrooms, on a nice amount of land....sounds like a great place!

ted tcb
01-24-08, 07:41 PM
Must be a nice feeling ... well done.
The Town Car looks right at home parked at the end of the drive.

01-24-08, 08:18 PM
Congrats, nice place!. I had a place that was about an acre and a half, heavily wooded. When I bought that house I was in heaven, I thought having all that land would be awesome. It wasn't, turned out taking care of the lawn was a full time job, and the bugs.............:mad2:. Ahhh, I'm just ranting, you may be more of the outdoorsee type and will love it. Good luck with it!.

01-24-08, 08:26 PM
That land looks like a mighty good place to offroad an Isuzu.

01-24-08, 08:36 PM
SWEET HOUSE MAN! i love all those tree's...

01-24-08, 08:46 PM
Ive got enough on my hands with 2 car loans... If I start buying houses it'll all be over!

nice place though, looks like the setting of a good mystery flick but does NOT look like Georgia at all. You could have told me that was New Hampsha' and I'd believe it.

01-24-08, 08:47 PM
Wow congratulations! That's great! Plenty of room for a big garage later :-)

01-24-08, 09:08 PM
Very nice. IMHO the back of that house is begging for a nice deck and BBQ grill.

01-24-08, 09:12 PM
Absolutely beautiful dude!

I hear peace and quiet,you'll love it

Elevated porch for pissen tooo

Night Wolf
01-24-08, 09:19 PM
Surprisngly there is NO lawn to maintain.... the yard is flat out full of these shade trees, because of that there is about a foot of padding (leaves etc...) on all the land, with the exception of a small area in front of the house and then the area that is cleared out right behind it. I'm gonna have to get a push-mower because I think my lawn tractor is soo big for those areas... I'll most likey end up removing the mower deck and using it to tote around a yard trailer and pull stuff, it'll get alot of use like that.

But, yeah, no real lawn... for a split second I was thinking that stinks, because I like having a nice lawn, but then the thought of just kinda letting things grow out really appealed to me, I want to clean things up, trim stuff back and do stuff with mulch, but for the most part, the yard will be left alone.... all those trees is what sold me. The whole other half of the lot (big enough for another house to go on) isn't very useful as it is, but man is it a nice buffer. This is the winter too when all the leaves are off the trees, so I image in the Summer when everthing is grown in it'll be even more secluded.

As for garage/carport, yeah, thats the long term plans.... I'm thinking build a carport on the end of the house over the drive way and then at a later time enclose it to make it a garage, but thats a ways away. For now this is plenty.

lol.... Isuzu's don't off-road too well with an engine in a billion pieces.... I'm gonna have to call AAA and see if they'll tow it. The Town Car has been my daily driver for the past few weeks, and at the rate things are going right now, will continue to be my daily driver for quite some time... I must say though, its an awesome car to live with on a day to day basis and I've really grown to apperciate it more and more since.

The trunk of that car swallowed 25 gallons of paint and primer like it was nothing... 4 foot ladders fit right in as well as carpet cleaning machines.... I was pretty surprised myself.

As for Georgia, the best way I can describe it is, its a very neat blend of NY and FL, both of which I've lived in. Here in Middle Georgia (as this area is called) there are no mountains, just occansonal hills, too far North to be tropical too. In the town I am renting the house in, it was nearly impossible to find something on more then a cramed in subdivsion lot that wasn't all cookie cutter with the houses next to it.... so when I found this one I knew it was the one.

I've really grown to like it here tho, it's a nice centralized location to beaches (both Atlantic and Gulf) as well as mountains, not far at all from one of the largest cities in the country etc.... all wrapped up with a cost of living that is, IMO flat out dirt cheap.... My mortgage on this house (with tax and insurance escrowed in) is actually cheaper then what I'm paying to rent the current house, and the cost to rent a 3br house was not even $100 more then the cost of 1 or 2 br apartments around here.

Compared to the house I was renting.... and this 60's/70's subdivision isn't nearly jam packed and cookie cutter as the new ones.... but it served its purpose well, I didn't mind staying here, but man it feels good to move on, I'll miss the carport, but thats about it :)


01-24-08, 09:27 PM
If it were me living there, I would get rid of those trees right in front of the house (but leave the large one in the right of the photo of course)

01-24-08, 09:32 PM
We demand pics of the inside!!

Night Wolf
01-24-08, 09:57 PM
The trees in the front are gonna stay, mostly for the fact that when looking out of the living room windows.... thats what you see, trees.

Its weird, in NY, growing up in my moms really small house, but it was on 1 acre, wooded, and no real neighbors, I guess I took it for granted what it was like to simply not have people staring into your window all the time. Clearwater, forget it everyone was on top of each other there, and even here, its just one cookie cutter subdivsion after another, I mean every house looks like the one next to it.... then I saw this house and man it brought me right back to upstate NY with no neighbors (tho there are people living nearby here) but I want to keep that feeling, and the trees/land is what creates that feeling.

One of the trees thats coming down though is behind the house, because it is way too close to the house, less then 2 feet. The house is move in condition, but needs some attention here, besides the cosmetics, there are 2 vent boots on the roof that are torn I need to replace, the gutters are jam packed with leaves etc.... so I lok forward to doing various things to fix it up.

Besides the lot, when I walked into the house, the living room is what sold me, I just really like that room. I like the bay windows/cove things too. These are a few pictures I took before I started doing anything, the only color in the house I liked was the living room, which is getting repainted as well, but is going to stay a tanish color... the yellow in the kitchen, I just coudln't do no matter how hard I tried, right now everything except the living room, master bed and bath is primered and the dinning area has a coat of paint on it, it looks better already.

but these are the things that sold me on the house...

Walking in the front door... That wall closet thing is already down, its a really nice cabinate, but I don't like it there, its right in the way of an otherwise very open area, so I'll find somewhere else to put it.


Here is the living room, like I said, between this room and the lot, thats ultimately what sold me on the house, I just think its really cool. If you notice on theoutside pictures, the center of the roof is raised, but only on the front, the roof line was simply extended a bit from the back, thats what created this, then with the exposed ledge, I just think its awesome.


Then its got these lights on the wall, they can move any which way, but right now the one shines against the wall to light up a picture or something and the other two shine across to whatever happens to be on that ledge.


Tray ceiling in the master bedroom, to me its flat out cool, I know its somewhat common on newer houses, but I've never lived in a newer house. The rooms are not horribly big, thats a downside, but plenty big enough for me. The master bedroom has a walk in closet and full bath, the other 2 bedrooms have a double bi-fold door type closet. Another neat thing is the floor plan, the master bedroom is located off of the living room, while the 2 other bedrooms are off of the hall way on the other side of the house.... really neat IMO. I know that fan is super dusty... I can't find the hose for my Kirby vaccum, I've got all the attachments but the hose is MIA right now... but that needs to get cleaned.


I like the eat-in kitchen design, it's not big, nor flashy, but it fits my bill perfect. there is a nice little pantry next to the fridge too. I can't stress enough how horrible the kitchen is in the house I am renting, this kitchen has literally 3 times the counter space as I have had in the rental house, not to mention the rental house dosn't have a dishwasher or garbadge disposal, so for me, pretty much anything was gonna be an upgrade. again, the yellow is going, all my colors are Earth tones... tans and greys etc.. with the exception of the master bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Oh, and right off the kitchen is the laundry room, so I no longer have to go outside into a seperate utility room to wash my cloths... yey!


Like I said that wall cabinate is down, and its not going back there. It's really nice, but it needs to be screwed into a wall as its not free standing, it'll find a new home somewhere, just not there.

Looking down that hallway, you really don't want to see what that room looked like... man was it bad, the paint colors were just horrible, but its primered now and looks 100x better. the door on the left of the hallway is a small utility closet where the hot water heater is... speaking of that, somebody got it right and put it inside the house... the rental house? it's outside in the uninsulated utility room with the washer and dryer.

On the right of that hall way is the guest bathroom, then you turn left and there is a linen closet and the other spare bedroom... like I said the master bedroom is off the living room, I like that.


and again, the living room with the bay window, the kitchen, dinning area and hallway has the wood laminate and the living room and 3 bedrooms have the carpet, I couldn't be more happy with the flooring, as if I had to put new carpet in a house (like some of the ones I looked at) this is the same exact color I would have picked... and I am not fond of hardwood floors at all, but I do like the wood laminate, it looks good, so I'm happy.


With all this being said, my priorities took a complete 180.... the car, while I still care for it and maintain it, is now used as a car. I'm glad too, I'd rather put money and time into the house then the car, plus as I mentioned, using the car as a car and not stressing out over every little thing is a big relief too. The truck, well thats on hold right now. I'll be real happy when its running again though, cause then I can tow my utility trailer with it and stuff.

01-24-08, 09:58 PM
Buying my first house 15 years ago (when I was 27) was one of the smartest financial moves I ever made. I hate the idea of paying rent; it seems like such as waste.

Looks like a nice house and one you'll enjoy. Congrats!

Night Wolf
01-24-08, 10:23 PM
Buying my first house 15 years ago (when I was 27) was one of the smartest financial moves I ever made. I hate the idea of paying rent; it seems like such as waste.

Looks like a nice house and one you'll enjoy. Congrats!

Exactly, once I decided that I'm going to stay here atleast several years, and the lease on this house was going to be up, I asked myself if I really want to pay off somebody else' mortage for the next few years or rather pay off my own. I rented the apartment in Clearwater while I went to school, and I've been in this house a year now, I told myself after a year I'll know if I like it enough to stay for a while, if I would be ready to move, or if I just want to stick around for another year.... so... I made my decsion, which I am quite happy with.

But, I am/was paying $625/month to rent this house, which alone IMO is a very fair price for a decent sized house on its own lot with a driveway etc... especially since apartments here go in the $500's/month. Well, on my new house, 3% down, 30yr fixed rate mortgage, locked in at 5.75% intrest, with tax and insurance being escrowed in, my monthly minium payment is less then what I am paying for rent, once I file for homstead exemption and the tax is reduced more, it'll be even less then that, so really even if I was here for just 3yrs and decided to move, it seemed like a no-brainer to me.... but unless things change, I don't see myself moving out in 3yrs... its now a place I call home, and I am liking it more and more each day.

Night Wolf
01-24-08, 10:52 PM
So here are some more recent pictures (recent as of last weekend)

One thing I can't stand in any house is dim lighting, it is depressing to me. I figured I'd give those new compact flourescent lights a shot, they use 14watts of power but give off enough light to equal a 60 watt bulb. Well the pevious owners already had them in, but they were the "soft white" which is another name for "yellow" Above that was "bright white" which was more like white, then "daylight" which is such a bright white, it has a blue tint.... which is exactly what I wanted, I think the really white light that has a blue tint is really awesome, so I bought enough of these things to replace every light bulb in the house with them. I am extremly happy with them too, both in the amount and color of the light they put out, only down side is, it takes about 2mins to fully brighten up, so if the room is dark and you turn the light on, it isn't very bright, but then slowly gets brighter over a couple mins... and using less power is really cool too.

This is 23 gallons of paint/primer and painting supplies in the truck of the Town Car, on top of this went the step ladder I bought and then the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner.... all I can say is, if I was in the Mafia, this would be my car of choice, add to that the automatic body compactor (AKA self closing trunk) and you are really good to go.

I had to go back for 5 more gallons of paint and primer that I forgot the first time... all in all, it was alot of paint, but last weekend Home Depot has a sepcial, $5 off each gallon of paint/primer, no limit... I took full advantage of that :)


then moved into the house:


Here is the new bulb in the kitchen, even in the middle of daylight you can see the difference. There is only 1 bulb in that fixture, it looks like there should be two, but there is no 2nd socket, so I gotta see... 2 would be nice.

But just the difference from the light that was yellowish to the blue tinted light... it made the yellow in the kitchen *almost* bearable, I mean it really changed the whole look of it around, I coudln't believe it. I'd really reccomend these lights to everyone, besides the color, they use alot less energy too.


2 bulbs in this one... if the blue tint dosn't appeal to you the middle range, bright white, is more like a pure white light... still better then the yellow lights.


That light has really neat smoked glass, I dunno what its called, but it looks really cool.


carpets cleaned up ok, the living room was the worst, and it wasn't all that bad, still a few spots, but ah well, its not new carpet, I'm plenty happy. One thing I do want to do though is get rid of the carpet when you first walk in, I really don't like that, maybe put some tile in or something, but walking right in from outside onto carpet is a big no-no to me.


Alright, I'll do it....


Wait... let me zoom out a bit...


You can't see the mustard color good enough?


*THAT* is all paint, not wall paper and not stickers. Somebody really took the time out to do a good job at that, but sadly I'm not a "HP" fan, nor could there have been worse colors (the lime green in the master bathroom is not nearly as bad) it shrunk that room down to 1/2 its size, but it was horrible.

This smile.... this smile is the fact that I'll never, ever have to see those colors, atleast in this room, again.

Once we did half the room in the white primer, I then remembered that the guy had mixed up a tinted primer for that room though.


This is just all white primer, but yet it looks soo much better.


hard to believe its the same room.... the HP room that is.... this is the tinted primer too, and it was so much better, once the final coat goes on there should be no memory of the old colors anymore... except where they were a bit sloppy and got some mustard/ketchup on the ceiling in a couple places, and I'm not painting the ceilings, atleast right now.


The dinning area has 1 coat of paint, then we stopped for the night. The color is Sandpoint, the kitchen is a slightly darker shade of grey, called Manhattan Mist, the living room is a sand color calls Standstorm, the hall way is going to be another medium shade of tan/brown... I like having the different colors, so hopefully when its all done it'll look really nice.


The living room I haven't touched yet because I don't have a ladder tall enough to reach the top of the ceilings, in fact that little painters ladder I got isn't even tall enough to change the light bulb in the ceiling fan that is hanging down from the ceiling, much less the lights on the wall, and I didn't want to render every room in the house useless at the same time, so it stays for now. Master bedroom has been spackled, but again, I need some rooms lieft for use, and above the doorway to the master bathroom, there is slight settling/crack in the wall that I want my step father to look at before I did anything with it, so those 3 rooms stay the same.

All trim, baseboard etc... is going to be pure white, I bought 2 gallons of an almond-creame color to paint the interior doors, I didn't want them being white too, and I think the almondish color will blend well with the white and earth tones, but I've had varrying opinions, so I'll do one door and see how I like it.

Well thats all the pictures for now.... man I get started and I can't stop.... well, I'm about to head over there now, gonna bring the cats and my sound system over.

01-24-08, 10:56 PM

20 and already a homeowner. Damn. I'm staying home as long as I can to save up the money to buy something when I finally leave.

01-24-08, 11:01 PM
I liked the yellow in the kitchen.Has a warm feel to it.Besides i'm going to paint my kitchen yellow in the future.

Night Wolf
01-24-08, 11:03 PM
Very nice. IMHO the back of that house is begging for a nice deck and BBQ grill.

Oh yeah, that, and some sort of garage/carport are the biggest future plans... ya know, the things that are gonna happen some day, but that day is a long time from now :)

But.... yeah, when I saw the back of the house, I'm like it needs a deck, and a BBQ. Atleast for now I'll put my outside table/chair set on that little slab... now that I actually have a house I need to get a BBQ grill too.... the indoor Georgo Foreman type grille I have now served well, but time to move up to the real thing :)

Night Wolf
01-24-08, 11:12 PM
I liked the yellow in the kitchen.Has a warm feel to it.Besides i'm going to paint my kitchen yellow in the future.

I took that into major consideration. I've been watching HGTV alot and reading things on the internet on all my free time for colors and styls etc...

Everything said a yellow in the kitchen makes it cozy and warm, makes you cheerful in the morning etc...

The yellow paint was defintily good enough to be left alone, but after considering that, and even considering leaving the kitchen itself yellow and painting the dining area, I still coudln't do it... I don't like yellow very much, sorta like red, which I don't like very much either, and no matter how hard I tired I just knew I woudln't be happy with it.

When looking up styles and paint schemes, I keep drifitng (heavily) to what is considered "comtemporary" and Earth-toned colors I was looking at lots of pictures of kitchens and dinning areas in all different colors, and the comtemporary/earth tones just kept sticking out in my mind.

On top of that, in the kitchen I really like black and stainless steel appliances. Well, my stove and dishwasher are older, but they are black, and the stove top is stainless steel as is the range, the microwave I have now is black/stainless steel, so that'll look good together. I'm happy with the kitchen cabinates, but the gold/brass hinges aren't doing anything for me, so sometime I want to get silver/stainless hinges and add some sort of knob/door pulls, I think that'll help freshen them up too.

01-24-08, 11:18 PM
I'm extremely impressed Rick. It's one thing to have your own place at 20, but most kids our age don't live in anything nearly as nice as this, and they're not owning it...they're renting it. That is quite the house for someone of our age, and I mean that not because it's just so nice, but because it fits the bill perfectly for a single young male.

01-24-08, 11:20 PM
I will paint the 2 of my 4 walls in my kitchen yellow and leave the other 2 egg shell.I like the 2 different colors,kinda makes rooms look bigger.I did my basement in darker colors,greyish green colors depending on the light and love it.I like the dark and light contrast in a room.In my living room I did the biggest wall in a dark graphite color,I think it looks awesome.Dark colors will draw your eyes to higher ceilings like in your place and make them feel bigger.

01-24-08, 11:22 PM
On another note,well done!I bought my first house at 22,lived there 13 yrs, paid it off early and made 38,000 bucks when I sold it.That money was the down payment on the house where i'm sitting right now.

01-24-08, 11:23 PM
Rick, that's a very nice place! :thumbsup: I'm still waiting for FL house prices to finish their drop, maybe in a year or 2 I can look into buying a place. As it is, I would be throwing money away by owning the place I rent, the value is dropping and my rent is barely more than half of what the landlord is paying for the place.

Now, after you finish setting the house up, you'll have plenty of space to hook up all that vintage stereo equipment of yours. :) And with no close neighbors, you can crank it! :D

01-25-08, 01:58 AM
Nice acquisition! I like the space, the ceilings, and the floors. I'd love a piece of property like that.

01-25-08, 12:57 PM
Hey NY,
Nice house man, good luck with it. I cringed when I saw the paint in your trunk, I had a gallon of ceiling white open in the trunk of my 05 STS when it was only a few months old and it was hell to clean up.

You did the right thing going south, we were fixing frozen water pipes in my son's house last week, it's been below zero.

Night Wolf
01-25-08, 01:02 PM
I'm extremely impressed Rick. It's one thing to have your own place at 20, but most kids our age don't live in anything nearly as nice as this, and they're not owning it...they're renting it. That is quite the house for someone of our age, and I mean that not because it's just so nice, but because it fits the bill perfectly for a single young male.

Thanks :)

Yeah, I know the location has everything to do with it, the housing market here is just so cheap, I couldn't believe it. I know for a fact there are not many other places in this country I would be able to buy any house, let alone one that I really like, making what I make. Between that and the housing market being in a huge slump, banks offering all sorts of programs and loan intrest rates being nearly record lows.... it not only made sense, but was fairly easily doable, and on top of that actually the same, if not cheaper then what it was costing to rent, atleast in my case. In NY, not the city, but upstate, where I lived, this house right now would literally be going for 2.5x what it went for herem same with all the other houses. When you factor in the taxes here are a fraction what they are in NY as well as the cost of other things.... home/car insurance, utilities etc... and the ratio of what somebody makes compared to what they get for their money starts to get really interesting... its just a completely different market

But, I like it alot. but someone else may not, thats the beauty of it :) In fact the realtor said someone else went thru the house and wasn't that impressed but then they ended up buying a house that I had been thru and wasn't all that impressed with. The house needs cosmetic work here and there. It's been on the market for 5months. There are leaves over every inch of the property so I need to clear that out, maybe start a compost pile or something. There are a few things here and there on the house itself that need to be addressed, most not major. Because of the leaves and stuff the driveway is really dirty and stained like concrete gets... I found that out because backing into the driveway when it was pouring rain last week, on the wet leaves the tires spun for several feet, and where it did it actually cleaned all that stuff off down to the concrete.... so a pressure washer would do wonders. But, the house needs to be painted outside, its wood siding, and I don't think its been painted since it's been built, some areas like the sides and back don't look too bad but the porch really shows it. Thats ok tho, gives me room for imporvement, bring the value up. I am thinking I'll paint it a shade or two darker grey then it is now, with white and tan being the accent colors, right now the whole thing is grey and on the picture of looking at the front it sorta looks like a grey blob, so I think some creative use of white/tan with the grey, the trim around the windows and porch and stuff will really improve the look.

Dilligaf - yeah, I know what you mean about the colors, Some of my colors are on the darker side, most aren't. The living room is going to be a sand color, the sample looks pretty darn exactly what it is now too. I need to be careful though because the rooms are small, and putting a dark color on the walls will really make it seems smaller, I know it did in the harry potter room, it really shrunk it down, with just the primer up it already feels so much bigger.

I plan to pay more then the minimum payment too. Obviously with the minimum paid it'll take the 30yrs to pay it off, but putting just $100/month extra on it will get it paid off in 20yrs vs 30, so I plan to do something along those lines. As for what the future holds, I really don't know. Personally I don't really see myself outgrowing this house, 3bed/2bath and its bigger then anything I grew up in, this house can easily support a family as the married couple had 2 girls that I bought it from. With the lot the way it is, there is alot of room for add-ons... like a nice garage and deck on the back etc... so I dunno, it just depends on alot of things, I very well may end up staying here alot longer then I first thought, or I may get tired of it all here in several years and sell, then as you did, just use any profit from the sale as the down payment on the next house.

Yeah, the market in FL is still dropping. I think here it sorta leveled off. But comparing NY to FL when my parents first moved to the Gainesville area they coudln't believe the housing costs, then comparing the costs from FL just makes them go crazy from the difference. Heck my 1br apartment in Clearwater was $35/month more then the 3br house I was/am renting.

I've already got the room for the sound system picked out... its the front spare bedroom (not the harry potter room) as this living room won't really support a big 2ch system being used witht he TV and stuff. As I mentioned the rooms aren't all that big, the kitchen/dining area is decent, living room is a nice size, but the master bedroom, the largest bedroom is 13.5x11.5, big to me and what I grew up with, but not a big room in the world of things. But the sound system is not going in this room. The harry potter room is 9.5x10.5ish and the other bedroom is 13x9ish, so while its not big, the shape works well, my friend was already giving me ideas and hints about getting it setup nice. But, I look forward to that. The 2 houses closest to mine are for sale as well (one is a new house other is similar year as mine) so that puts the nearest neighbor on the other side of the street, although the house next to mine is about the same distance, but I don't think I'll need to worry about bothering the neighbors too much, of course I'll do a sound level check with all the windows closed, see what can be heard from outside, I know in the rental house I could have it pretty loud and still not hear it outside.

I'll probably bring the sound system over tomorrow and set it up in the living room for now, so I look forward to that. But, I look forward to bringing it here finallyit'll be srup proprly and not just thrown together.

01-25-08, 02:50 PM
congrats very nice house...

01-25-08, 07:55 PM
DANG i like that livingroom.... thats a swwet bachlor pad man.....