: OIL Leak

01-21-08, 02:41 PM
Good day everyone. Here is the problem, i change my oil myself every 3000 miles as instructed, and just this last weekend i noticed after lifting the car that oil was everywhere under the car mainly in the oil pan/plug area. Lifted the hood and didnt see any oil there or no smoke after running the car. Now the oil that I see is mainly by the oil pan and seaping from the oil pan bolts and the oil change plug. Now would anyone think that they are my head gaskets and oil cooler even though i had them changed about a year ago? Or would i need to get a new oil pan and plug or the cover gaskets? Thank you.

01-21-08, 07:03 PM
Well is there any oil on top of the oil pan? If it's leaking only from that oil pan seal on down then yeah I'd say it's that oil pan gasket. I had a leak from the valve covers on the top of the engine though, and it seaped all the way down to those bolts on the bottom too. I smelled oil with that though.

The only other option I see is the oil pump gasket, which is behind the serpentine belt above the oil pan