: secondary info center! help! 2002 escalade

01-21-08, 01:49 PM
i have a 2002 escalade (02-06 same) and i was driving arownd and my ""sic"" secondary information center"" blow up on me !!:( smoke come out! ,, the display on the lcd is gone!,, i open the think and i dont see anything suspicious,,but it smalls smoked,,
i was to a frind of mine hes a tech in electronic boards repair and he checked the board from sic(secondary info center) and he said that the board looks okay,,but in the lower right side on the screen(behind the screen) there is a little round burned spot,, but he said ,,thats the way they are all..from factory..

does this happened to anyoane,, never had a proablem with this thing,,and now i cant see the display,, can anyone give some info what may cause this to blow?,, checked all the fuses and all of them are okay,, but this lcd does it have a fuse? nr? because i read the book but find none,,,but anyway ai checked all ,,it looks okay,,

i called the dealer and they say that this is discontinued!,,,,now i dont even know what to do,,
is this sic conected directly to the car computer box?,,or it has a little electronic box in bettwen the chairs?,,maybe that box blow out?,,,
any info on this will appreciate! (i have no waranty!)