: Oil Cooler Bypass Information Request

01-20-08, 09:35 PM
Hi guys; does anyone have information such as detailed schematic(s) on how to bypass the oil cooler? I think I've seen it here on this forum but i'm not sure. Also, if anyone has done this can you tell me if it works, did you have any problems etc.? Any & all information is greatly appreciated.

01-20-08, 09:59 PM
Why would you want to is my question. Is it leaking?

01-21-08, 01:46 AM
The files listed below can be found at the YAHOO Cadillac Catera Owners Group. You have to register and join but there is good information there. They are located in FILES.


Cadillac Catera TSB & Service Files/Replace Oil Cooler/Catera Oil Cooler Reseal.doc (Complete description with pictures of the replacement or resealing of the oil cooler.)

External Oil Cooler Install.doc (External Oil Cooler Install w/pictures)

The size of the new cooler will depend on where you decide to locate it but it needn't be bigger than 8" x 18". The original is smaller but since it is immersed in coolant the heat exchange is greater, so a larger oil/air cooler is necessary to maintain the same oil temps. That's my thinking anyway. Also I'd choose an oil cooler with the in/outlets on the side to avoid using the elbow couplers you'd need with bottom or top in/outlets. Also, use steel braided hoses to protect them from puncture.

Good Luck,


03-06-08, 10:40 PM
Hey Elvin, thanks for the tip. And, by the way, you have posted some really cool stuff. I enjoy your posts & projects. Sccatera, yes, it has been leaking for a LONG time & I've had it replaced twice. It's an expensive habit and because of it leaking, I haven't been able to drive my Catera in about 5 months. It's been sitting at a dealership parking lot collecting dust, snow, ice, ect...

03-10-08, 11:16 AM

I tried to host it on my photobucket account, but it wont take .doc files.

email me if this doesn't work.

03-10-08, 01:32 PM
Woew i havent hafd any problems with mine who all has this done and who doesnt?

03-13-08, 10:05 PM
My brother just bought an '01 with less than 30,000 miles on it. He bought his after being impressed by my '98. He took it to the dealer to have the coolant flushed because it was milky. They gave him an estimate for $4200 to replace the cooler and all the cooling system!!! He's PISSED!!! (Largely at me for allowing him to get it.) What is neccessary and what is not?