: The Z066 Nova

01-20-08, 07:38 PM
A buddy of mine on another forum is currently building up his 1966 hard top Nova with a LS7 crate engine and C5 transaxle and suspension. Here's a link to the build as well as a bunch of other info http://www.stevesnovasite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=78088

01-20-08, 09:39 PM
Wow they've put a ton of work into that car, and it looks amazing. Pretty much my dream car. It has the classic lines and style with modern muscle, suspension, and brakes. I think I'm in love. :cloud9:

01-20-08, 10:46 PM
That is beautiful! As a sheet metal worker I can really appreciate the effort in the floor pans and cowling pieces. From the progress pictures it looks like a well thought out project. The 66 is a great little body style, perfect for the contemporary drive train.

It will be a treat to see it completed. Keep us posted!
Thanks for sharing it!


01-21-08, 01:18 AM
wow... looks very amazing on how someone... can take junk and make it look like that that is awesome i cant wait to see it done.. and yes please keep us posted... i wanna hear it running its going to sound awesome

01-21-08, 04:31 PM
Thanx for the link bro :D