: catera ecm replacement

01-20-08, 06:22 PM
HI, I have a 99 catera and need a new ecm or mine repaired. Wondering if I can buy a used one from the salvage yard with the same ID numbers and I will be ok? anyone know?

01-20-08, 09:57 PM
Yes, you should be able to use one with the same service number from a scrap yard.

01-20-08, 10:58 PM
thank you. Do you know if I need to take it to the dealer to have the salvage ecm reprogramed?

01-20-08, 11:16 PM
Idon't think so as long as the numbers match.

01-28-08, 02:24 PM
You will have to have the replacement ECM reprogrammed for your car even though it may have come from a vehicle exactly like yours. I went through this same process last summer.

The local dealer(stealer)ship here wanted to charge me over $200.00 to reprogram my ECM. They had an attitude that I didn't buy it from them. I ended up going to another dealership 75 miles from my location, and they did it for $60.00!!!

The key is that the part number matches exactly to the one you have. You'll hear some arguement about ECMs with different part numbers but is from the same model car. Don't fall for it. Better safe than sorry to go with an exact match.