: Obd I P046

El Don Oso
01-18-08, 11:31 PM
OK all I need some help here please. Just ran a diagnostic on my 94 El Dorado N*
and pulled a code P046 which I found out means "Right to left bank fueling difference" anybody had to deal with this before our any ideas on what could be causing this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/images/smilies/banghead3.gif

01-22-08, 05:31 PM
Here is an answer from a seperate website, albeit it is for the cadillac 4.9, but this answer also comes from a GM manual. I imagine that the problem might also apply to the Northstar as well, atleast it gives you a start.

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92 Eldorado Code 046


Worthan07-31-2004, 12:18 AM

I just bought a 92 Eldorado (4.9L) yesterday. Today the check engine light came on. It gave a code 46 and according to the book it is a "right to left bank fuel problem". Does anyone know what that means?


M.A.C02-13-2005, 12:45 AM
Possible causes:

1. Lean or faulty injectors on one side of the engine.
2. Cracked or fouled spark plugs.
3. Exhaust or intake manifold leak.

This information is from the GM Service Manual for the 4.9L, P046 trouble code.

El Don Oso
01-24-08, 06:48 PM
Thanks I ran some lucas fuel injector cleaner through the system and the light went off. must have got some bad gas or something. Appreciate the info.