: Got my 05 Deville back from Dealer!! and extra part for sale.

01-18-08, 07:58 AM
I got my Deville back from the Dealer, they replaced the IAC under warranty and it runs like a top again. I am SOOOOOOO glad to have my baby back, Its hell driving a run of the mill Pontiac G6 GT, plain jane, run it through the assembly line as fast as possible, piece of crap!! LOL Anyways, I purchased an IAC from an ebay auction for $75 new, come to find out, not only do I not need it anymore, but its for a 96-99 northstar. So if anyone is having IAC problems, Id let this new part go for $50, and $5 shipping. Just thought id help a fellow Caddy owner in need.

01-18-08, 09:28 AM