: Hating on the Clean and Waxed Paint

05-12-04, 09:25 AM
I hate when you just get your car detailed and there is not a piece of lint on it yet, but some hater in a POS sees you in their rear view mirror and decide to drive close to the median or the curb to kick up as much dust as possible. No class. No respect.:madtalkin

05-12-04, 11:06 AM
That really pisses me off too. People get jealous when they see my blazer which is almost in perfect shape after 10 years.

05-12-04, 05:43 PM
pimpin aint easy brutha . carry a squirt gun full of something spoiled

05-12-04, 06:17 PM
You know, thats not a bad idea...

05-12-04, 10:34 PM
Pretty soon Im gonna adjust my windshield washer nozzles so 2 spray to the side and 2 spray to the back. They can reach all the way to about 3ft behind the car without a drop anywhere on the paint!

05-12-04, 11:11 PM
Where the heck do you folks live! I've never seen or heard of such a thing.

05-12-04, 11:30 PM
New England Blows.

05-13-04, 08:28 AM
Right on. I've lived in New England all my life and it is one of the worst places to own a nice ride. 99% of people own junk, don't know how to drive, and love to hate. Add that to the potholes, salt on the roads, and just flat out busted up roads. Oh well, you got to pay the cost to be the boss.