: PLS Watch this video as it donates .49Cents to autism every

01-16-08, 10:17 PM
Autism Awareness

Our Worthy Inside Guard Kevin Bremer passed this on to me and asked if I could send it along.

The attached link is to a video that was produced to help raise awarness of Autism. The video features music by the band "Five for Fighting". They will donate $.49 each time a person watches this video. Please take the time to view the video. It's about 4 minutes long which isn't a lot of time to spend to help out so many children who need all the help we can give them.

When you're done viewing the video, please send it along to everyone you know and encourage them to view it as well. Maybe we can help them raise $1 or $2 million just by watching a video.

http://www.whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com/videos/view/id/408214 (http://www.whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com/videos/view/id/408214)

Crown Vic Owner
01-16-08, 10:37 PM
I am autistic, so i can relate to it.

It sucks, but it can be overcome.

01-17-08, 09:06 AM
God bless that you can type and read..

My son at 12 can't be left alone for a second. He can't read, write, speak well, go to the bathroom himself, dress himself but he's happy..

Its a lot of work as a parent and I bring this video link for all to watch and even though its free to the viewer a donation to autism is made each time the video is watched..

Help me keep this link up top...and please watch the 4 minute video..

ITs pretty good too..

Remember 1 in 92 are born with autism these days..

one in a 150 throughout the country..

You may one day know someone afflicted with this disease..

I have a child with autism and he is a huge Cadillac fan! He loves the new 2008 CTS ....

so for him and others please watch the video?

and spread the link to your friends to watch..

Were hoping for a few million clicks!

Crown Vic Owner
01-17-08, 12:31 PM
Lol, your son sounds ausome.

Yeah, i SOMEHOW managed to make it through school, and i am failing highschool bigtime now.

I managed a 99 % on my Standardized tests for high school entrance, yet i fail.

Trust me, its horrible, i wish you the best of luck.