: 58 cadillac misfire

05-12-04, 04:15 AM
I am an austrian/european cadillac enthusiast and i am wondering if anyone outside can help me with my problem.

I own a 58 cadillac sedan de ville with original engine which i was restoring since the last 2 years.

Everthing is completed now, only the engine is driving me crazy.

I canged everything concerning ingnition. Like spark plugs, ignition cables, the coil and the pointer.

After warming up the engine i set everthing to the specs mentioned in the cadillac manual. With unconnected vacuum advance i set the timing up to 5 degree advance at idle and the dwell at 30 degree. Now the engine runs incredible smooth and good.

After around 10 miles driving the engine starts to misfire. I check all settings, and all these settings are the same like before.

The only thing i can do to make the engine run like before is to set the dwell to 8 degree??? Then the engine again run very smooth and fine. After driving for another distance the hole thing starts again.
I can only keep the engine running by setting the dwell to different angles everytime.

Do anyone have had this problem, or can give me a solution?