View Full Version : Engine Help!!!

01-16-08, 08:14 PM
I have a 95 seville sts and i have replaced my radiator water pump and the coolant temperature sensor on my car but the screen on my dash is still saying that the car is running hot when in actuality its not but the computer is still trying to stop my engine and saying idle engine, engine coolant hot, stop engine...and it does this within 2 minutes of just being cranked what should i do? Does the computer just need to be reset or what?

01-16-08, 08:59 PM
Check the purge line. You may have air in the system.

01-17-08, 08:35 AM
ok...where is the purge line located and what do i need to do to get the air out? But do you think it could be anything else if thats not the case?

01-17-08, 11:44 AM
Could be a lot of things. Start with the purge line. Do a search for purge line. It has been explained so many times it should pop right up. Quick and easy to check.