: 2007 Escalade - Lemon - Buy back

01-16-08, 12:02 PM
Hi All,

I have had it with problems with my 2007 Escalade. Can someone contact me for a Lemon Law buy back please!!!!

If there is someone from GM-Cadillac who is reading this, please feel free to contact me.

Uzy Malik

It's been in repair for so many issues including but not limited to:

Safety System Failures:
• Stabilitrack Failure
• Traction Control Failure
• Air Bag Sensor Failure

Mechanical Failures:
• Transmission – Replaced early this year.
• Replacement Transmission needed repair – Failed Valve Assembly (few months ago)
• Engine Noise from Belt – System Lubed
• 2nd Repair Engine Noise from Belt – Belt Tensioner replaced
• Navigation – Failed during a business trip leaving me lost in Riverside.
• Air-Conditioner – Failed during the 100 degree heat wave.
• 1st key fab stopped working – Leaving my wife stranded at the Thousand Oaks mall
• 2nd key fab failed working – Leaving me stranded at work

Other Hardware Failures & Quality Issues:
• Excessive wind noise from both front doors – Requiring 2 different repairs.
• Outer Door Trim warped during Memorial Day Weekend.
• Electrical Wiring near door trip floorboard exposed on 3 sides on initial purchase.
• 3rd row back seat panel loose
• Trim around Radio was scratched
• “Cut” in leather seat on second row.

01-16-08, 01:22 PM
I did speak with the service manager at my dealership where I purchased the car. He said and I do quote, "You havn't had enough problems or problems serious enough to qualify for a buy back".

So I am hoping an Attorney will change their minds.

Uzy Malik

01-16-08, 09:16 PM
Well your second post covered my "would be" contribution. Get a lawyer.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Lemons are everywhere. Please whatever happens, come back and update us on how things turn out. Best of luck. :cheers:

01-17-08, 03:01 PM
Based on my attorney's recommendation. MY case is a slam dunk.
He's already spoken to GM.

Seems like Cadillac will "Back date" the mileage refund back to either 18,000 miles or 22,000 miles.

So the process has started ...I'll report my findings and any updated on this case.

Rolex...I will keep everyone updated.

01-20-08, 10:28 PM
Rolex...I will keep everyone updated.

:highfive: Give'm hell. :thumbsup:

03-04-08, 09:06 PM
well thank goodness we arent alone (not that i am relishing in your misery..) we bought a 2007 escalade on 9/25/07.. the repairs have ranged from an entire motor replaced, computer replaced, new paint because of defects (we have a pearl white esc) including foreign matter in paint from dealership, paint peeling on drive side mirror, new wheel caps because the center cap springs were broken, scratched clock face, new driver seat, rain sense wiper sensor, dash rattles (still havent fixed and it was in the shop today..said it was fixed but by the time we got home it was rattling again), fuel gauge doesnt read consistently, new fuel level sensor, replaced temperature gauge, rear driver side wind noise, cup holder lid sticking, etc etc... and all of this on a CADILLAC with 400 miles on it (it was brought from a dealer north of us). we have been in contact with Cadillac repeatedly and they said that the only thing they will do is keep paying for the warranty work. How hard would it be for them to just replace it?? I would rather have a Yugo at this point.. at least that way when it started to fall apart I wouldn't be so shocked.. good luck to you :eek:

05-29-08, 04:03 PM
I bought my 2007 escalade in November of 07, havent taken it in but for a few small things, UNTIL NOW. The thing has fallen apart and is possessed! My windshield wipers come on ANY TIME THEY WANT and spray washer fluid until its empty, my escalade has decided every time I GET OUT of the vehicle (it is turned off) that it locks the doors! I have a burning smell in the car like something electrical, it has started bogging down so even going up the slightest ingrade, and I am talking a SMALL incline it goes to about 10-15 mph, my battery has died 3 times, I have had 4 flat tires, but nothing wrong with the tire, my tire gauges wont go off, tells me to check all the tire pressures ALL the time, my gas gauge says I am empty when I just filled up. If I leave the door open for even 5 minutes my battery dies and the indoor light doesnt shut off like its suppose to. My back hatch door doesnt open by remote OR the front button and my back seats dont fold down by the front button, my door handles are silver and all the "silver" has come off and cuts me when I open my doors, the cup holder has a door that covers it the little latch has never worked, the front passenger seat the foam cushion is coming undone underneath the seat and the NOISE WOW, sounds like I am in a wind tunnel!!! I had an 05 Escalade that I just LOVED this one is a piece of crap! I am nervous to take it out of town or anywhere, who knows when the battery will die or some weird electrical fire. The front cigarrete lighter caught on fire and burned up my cell phone, THEN they told me that the front socket ISNT for cell phones, ONLY the back one??? Didnt know that! Its been in the shop for a week now and I have a rental car! OH and my seat memory wont stay right and my clock doesnt either. I have some MAJOR electrical problems with my car. I was told by someone else that in the new 07 Escalades that they are supppose to have TWO batteries since there is some much electrical stuff in there and that there is a place for 2 batteries under the hood??? ALSO when passing another vehicle it does this bog down thing...its gettin pretty scary!!! Pretty sad for as much as I paid for the thing!

07-15-08, 06:57 PM

As I promised an update!!!!!

Well after hiring an excellent law attorney in Los Angeles, GM has agreed to take my car back.

I got a deal!!!!

Basically, I returned my 2007 Escalade back to GM with 40,000 miles on the odometer.
GM charged me only $1500 for mileage (Wear and Tear), and I had to pay me attorney $1000 out of pocket.
GM paid the other $3000 in Legal fees.

Since I paid sticker for my 2007 .... GM refunded 100% of my money ....minus $2500 ($1500 usage, and $1000 attorney fees)

I am waiting for a 2009 Escalade ESV. Hopefully It will be better in quality, or I will lemon law it again.
(Honestly, I would much rather have a Toyota Sequoia,m but they are hard to find fully loaded).


07-16-08, 09:33 AM
I'm glad everything worked out in your favor. It's too bad you had to retain an attorney, but you would have never gotten that sweet deal without one. Thanks again for the update.

Lord Cadillac
07-16-08, 01:38 PM
I'm not sure this really should have taken an attorney to get the buy back. Doesn't Cadillac want happy customers? Apparently, in the end, GM bought back the vehicle. So we have to assume there was enough reason for this to happen. Correct? WHY does there have to be a fight?

07-17-08, 12:29 PM
lemon law varies state to stae, most states you dont need a lawyer....just a good case against a bad vehicle. what you do have to understand is, the dealer is NOT going to give you your money back..they actually have nothing to do with it. the dealer is simply third party and cant represent you in a buy back. they can simply provide info as to what they have done to your vehicle. another interesting fact...all buy back vehicles are sold at auction, only a very small percentage ever return for the same issue it was bought back for.

07-18-08, 02:55 PM
Glad it all worked out for you in the end. And thanks for not blaming GM, Cadillac, and America and giving an 09 a try. There are lemons out there, no doubt. You got one. Hope your next is as reliable as mine.

07-20-08, 09:05 PM
What a horrible testament to Cadillac Style. After purchasing a $60K vehicle one would believe if you had serious enough issues to have left you stranded twice, that something would have been done, with the legal hassle. A Friend of mine had similar problems with a GMC, and it was bought back, with a fight. He has repurchased another product, and is satisfied.

BTW, with some of the technical issues you sited I am surprised by you choice at another Escalade of the same design. I probably would have purchased a Lincoln Navigator, or perhaps a Land Rover. Well, either way, best of luck with your new vehicle.

03-08-12, 12:45 PM
I also have a 2007 escalade that has been in the shop more times than i can count, i purchased this vehicle with 3000 miles on it from the Cadillac dealer 68k$. Then the problems all started on the first day i get to my office and the battery dies had to have salesmen come put a new one in, seats quit working,chrome flying off of all the door handles,outside door handles came completely off had to open doors from inside,started to overheat, replaced radiator.Then back overheating again replaced radiator tanks, then overheating again replaced heater hose,charging system shut down replaced alternator, a/c control box lost all of its paint all indicators were clear,had it replaced,a/c went out on a 104 degree day,was fixed, a week later my kids complained that they were hot when the a/c was on no clue until my wife was in back seat and when the rear a/c was on it turned the heater on instead of a/c.service stabilitrak problems, traction control problems,wind blowing through seals,all doors replaced,xm antenna fell off going down the road said it wasn't under warranty and a new one was 500$ my service tech took care of it for me.water running down left door post, replaced seals in sunroof that has never been opened.heater in seats quit working was fixed and now after a year later seat does not work at all service tech took all wires out of harness and thru them in a ball back under the seat.all plastic chrome shields around doors chrome fell off clear coat came off black paint.windshield wipers come on randomly and sprays out all washer fluid,washer heater recalled was bypassed and they give me a check for 100$.it has rode like a rock since 80k miles service says it needs shocks,transmission sensor went out 1500$rear camera replaced, radio replaced, and now its in the shop once again having fuel pump replaced,headlights go on and off.it now has 126k miles on it. has been out of warranty for 23000 miles.i have only taken it to the dealer for service all oil changes and every time i take it i ask what gm recommends to do at the mileage, they tell me and i have it done.all fluids flushed, belts replaced,tires,brakes,rotors,injectors cleaned,transmission serviced, i did this hoping that this truck would last a while since i did pay 70k$ for it.now i still owe 20k$ on this truck that cost more money every day to drive.i love my truck but not sure if i will make that big investment again leasing is were its at! even if you drive alot of miles i would have still been ahead if i would have leased.

How long does GM say there vehicles will last if all the service that is recommended to them is done???
wish i could at least get back some of my hard earned money from gm!

10-11-12, 09:53 PM
I had a very good experience with the Cadillac buy back program. My 2008 CTS was serviced many times for a battery drain since it was new. The last time it happened, the 4 year warranty was about up. When I was contacted by Cadillac asking if I was pleased with the most recent service work, I explained that the dealer thinks they fixed the problem, but that I had been told that many times. My concern was that the warranty was about to expire and that I was going to have to fund these repairs. They stated they would pass on my concern. About three weeks later, after forgetting all about the conversation, I got a call from GM. The gentleman stated he reviewed my case and that GM was going to replace my car and waive all usage fees for the four years. So, I paid the difference between the msrp on my 2008 and the msrp on a 2012 (that I upgraded to the premium edition). Needless to say, I became a Cadillac owner for life because of how I was treated. In fact, I just traded that 2012 CTS back in for a 2013 Platinum edition xts.

03-06-16, 11:35 AM
Glad to hear Cadillac made it right you for all. They've changed the way they do things, because they're unwilling to work with me on my 2015 CTS. They are not returning my phone calls. Also, the dealer refuses to talk to me or return my calls. I've done nothing wrong, documented everything, and I am only asking for a refund. I've been in 6 times for the same issue.