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01-15-08, 12:57 AM
Hi All
I just puchased and installed 2000 engine to for my 1999 Catera .I purchased the 54,000 mile engine from a reputable recycler. The engine was tested and running fine before delivery.
It has been installeded into my '99 and the lifters are tapping from lack of oil getting to them.

I am hoping that this is not the dreaded oil pump replacement. My question to you all is , could it be a possibility that this may be a sensor or computer problem that may not be igniting the fuel pump to work?

Any suggestions before I yank the engine out and do battle with the recycler or before I go the oil pump root?

Thanks. I love my CAt and want to get running without going broke

01-15-08, 10:29 AM
I don't know of any "dreaded oil pump replacement" problem. Do you mean the Oil Cooler instead? If there is oil in the coolant tank and/or a creamy coating of emulsified oil on the oil filler cap and dipstick then you probably have a leaking oil cooler. The resulting sludge will clog the oil passages. That could prevent oil flow to the lifters and cause the tapping. If it has gotten to that stage there will be damage to all the bearings in your engine. I hope you have a warranty for that engine.

Post any further questions to the Catera Forum here. Catera owners rarely visit here. Except me, but I'm a rare owner. :histeric:


01-15-08, 12:20 PM
Thanks Elvin, I do have a warranty . I will post to Catera forum.