: 94 ETC no shift, wont idle

01-13-08, 01:43 PM
My mothers 94 Elderado touring coupe 4.9l northstar, is stuck in limp home mode and the tranction is disabled, and brake light is on. It also wont idle at all unless you depress the pedal untill it gets warm. This all just happened last week. Fluid is full,kind of old but does not smell burnt. Im going to pull the pan off today to see if I have some chunks in the pan, Any common problems that I should look for? I dont know these caddys all that well Thanks

01-13-08, 04:15 PM
See what you find in the pan, but pull the DTC's first.

01-13-08, 07:14 PM
I dropped the pan, it was clean. just your normal little bit on the magnet no chunks or shiny metal flakes. After I checked that i started it and it idled fine, i let it run for about ten minutes and I drove it around for a bit. it idled fine but it is in limp mode still. The traction is disabled it says, im not sure if you can manually turn it on or off. the abs light is also on. Another thing i noticed is that none of the in dash parameters are working. the coolant temp just reads --, and the avg fuel ect ect nothing working. Im kind of thinking that the engine and trans are not communicating. my dad is going to take it in and pull the codes tomorow...

01-13-08, 08:09 PM
Have you tried pulling the codes yourself?

01-13-08, 08:10 PM
I dont have the code reader, or is there a different way? Ive heard on OBD1 you can jump a couple terminals or something to a test light not sure how tho..

01-13-08, 08:18 PM
Cadillac has onboard diagnostics. I think on your model you simultaneously press and hold the OFF & PASSENGER WARMER buttons.

01-13-08, 11:16 PM
If i remember right the seat warmers I think were switches off/low/high. I could be wrong. Say that I am wrong, do i just hold the buttons down till the display on the dash tells me codes?

01-13-08, 11:26 PM
Seat warmers? No. Off & Passenger temperature (warmer). You do have dual zone temp don't you? Yes hold the buttons till the DIC lights up like a christmas tree. Then release them and the DTC's will be displayed.

01-14-08, 12:00 AM
Oh, gotcha. Key in the on position I take it. The car is at my parents house, and me being at mine I cant check it tonight. So its the passenger warmer switch and And I hold it on the warmer side of the switch. Ill have my dad check that tomorrow then. Thanks for the info!

01-14-08, 04:49 PM
Key on or engine running. Makes no difference. Yes, simultaneously press and hold.

01-14-08, 07:55 PM
I dont suppose you know what some of these mean...
5055-or-S055 history
No CPS Coder
No PCM Data
No SIR Codes
TD72 Current

01-14-08, 08:02 PM
I034 ........................................ Loss of Powertrain Control Module Data
S055 .......................................... Resistor Module Short to Ground/Open
T072 .................................................. ...... Serial Data Link Fault

You can find them here.

01-14-08, 10:52 PM
Nice, thanks for that. I guess im a little more used to working on carb'd vehicles. But I have a pretty good understanding of electrical. Any good starting points or any sites that might show where some things are located and or wiring diagrams?

01-14-08, 11:35 PM
A FSM is your best bet. Don't bother with Chiltons or Haynes. Ebay is your friend.

01-14-08, 11:39 PM
Yea ive learned my lesson with those in the past in a nutshell there pretty much the same info/ with different cars. and i love how all the wiring diagrams say "typical" at the bottom. Thanks again for the info!