: Galloping Goose

05-11-04, 04:54 PM
I have a 94 Deville Concours with a 4.6 liter Northstar 90 degree V8. The engine surges on startup, and keeps on doing it, taking the gas pedal away from me. It frequently dies, especially at slow speeds. It cruises well at high speeds, but if I let off the gas quickly, it will die. We call it the galloping goose. I am told it is a "sensor problem", or perhaps the whole "computer". I have had it in to 2 dealers, in CA and FL, for a total of 4 times and can't seem to fix it. What computer, what sensor? How can I get this thing fixed without spending an arm and a leg, the car isn't worth it. It has 160,000 + miles on it. Can't get a new car just yet. Any suggestions?

05-11-04, 10:46 PM
You will need to post the error codes to help us out.

05-12-04, 10:35 AM
Sounds like the ISC motor. Do a search for "ISC" . There is a lot posted already.

05-12-04, 04:42 PM
How do I access the error codes?

Aurora By Olds
05-12-04, 06:07 PM
Can almost guarantee it is the ISC (Idle Speed Control).
Do a search on ISC as stated above, you should find adequate information.

05-13-04, 02:54 PM
i seem to be having the same problem ,dealer cant figure it out either charge me 100 bucks for nothing ,figure it out let me know

05-14-04, 04:31 PM
How do I access the error codes

05-14-04, 08:06 PM
With the key in the on position, and the engine off in this case.

Have a pen and writing pad ready.

On the dash panel; Press and hold the Warmer button and the Off button until you see all of the lights at the bottom of the panel light up (about 5 seconds or so), release the buttons and write down the codes as they are displayed.

After you have copied down the codes, you can clear them in the following manner.

When you see "PCM" press the fan control to high (yes) as you are given choices keep selecting pressinf fan high until you see "Clear Codes). Press fan high (yes) to clear them.

Press Off once to get to another monitored section and repeat untill all codes have been erased. New error codes will be reset as required.

To exit the code reading mode press Auto.


05-15-04, 05:48 PM
OK George, here goes:

P23, P25, P31, P34, P36, P43, P45, P52, P60, P71, P83, P95, P99, P105, P109, P137.
S21, S60.

I never could get the codes cleared, I kept pressing the fan high but only got"PD" 01, 02, 03, etc. over and over. Must be doing something wrong.:hmm:

Anyway, hope this helps.


05-15-04, 11:39 PM
P23, P25, P31, P34, P36, P43, P45, P52, P60, P71, P83, P95, P99, P105, P109, P137.
S21, S60.

I never could get the codes cleared, I kept pressing the fan high but only got"PD" 01, 02, 03, etc. over and over. Must be doing something wrong.:hmm:

Anyway, hope this helps.

BonnieHoly Smokes, what have you been doing to that nice car!

OK, A number of these codes appear related. I will not quote them all but a few that seem linked.

P036 = EGR Pintle Out of Range
Remove the EGR valve, clean and replace it along with a new gasket. Do a search on the forum for “EGR Valve” for cleaning methods.

P043 & P045 = Front and Rear Oxygen Sensors are Reading Rich
This is an excess fuel problem. There could be any number of things causing this condition.

Likely suspects are Fuel Pump Regulator – Do a search on the forum and using “Fuel Pump Regulator”. The top cover of the intake manifold will need to be removed. Unscrew the outer ring of Torx screws to remove. This is a simple process and no gaskets to replace. DO NOT attempt to start or turn the engine when the cover is off. The engine will “runaway”, as there is no air control device to control it with the cover off.
Pay particular attention to any responses by user “bbobynski” on how to test this device.

Worn spark plugs – If the plugs have high mileage on them replace them, even if the mileage is low they may have become fouled and not firing with enough spark to ignite the fuel mixture properly. Dual platinum plugs are the recommended style.

Poor piston ring sealing – I don’t know how you drive, but these engines need to get out and stretch their legs. Take the car out where you can flog it a bit and not get a ticket or scare hell out of anyone.

Keep it in 2nd gear run it up fast to about 65 mph, let it back of to about 35 MPH. Look in the rear view mirror, do you see any black smoke coming out while accelerating? If so good. Do this seven or eight more times at least, until the smoke stops coming out, then put it back in Drive. What you are trying to accomplish is to burn out carbon buildup and get the rings to loosen up and seal better. These engines need to be romped on daily to keep them running clean.

P060 & P099 are both Cruise Control related _ looks like the cruise control was activated when it was not in Drive. Not likely a real problem.

P071 Intermittent MAP Sensor – This could be a bad sensor or just throwing errors due to radical engine running and dying.

P105 Brake Booster Pressure Low – Hmm interesting, Engine running poorly at low speeds will cause this OR a severe vacuum leak at the booster will cause the engine to run poorly. With the engine running take a short (2-3 feet) piece of garden hose and with one end to you ear use the other end to hunt around and see if you can hear a leak at the vacuum booster, follow the hose to the manifold and listen there also. Fix as required

Vacuum booster valve could be faulty, replace it, is cheap.

S021 – Left Rear Damper Shorted to Ground
Look for wiring damage. At the bottom of the left rear shock you will find a round, short cylindrical shape with a wire coming out of it. Follow that wire and look for any damage to it. Repair as required.

S060 – Left Front position Fault
Sometimes a rough bump can set this and it will go away after 50 or so ignition cycles. Check the sensor and make sure it is mounted and not damaged. It is the little black box behind the wheel that goes from the a-arm to the frame and has a plastic accordion type cover on it.

You need to clear all of the code so you can know what is current and will repeat.

Enter diagnostic mode as before.
Wait until the system has gone through all of the checks.

When you see “PCM?” press Fan HI (yes)

You will get several more question, press Fan Hi to each until you see the “Clear Code?” prompt; press Fan Hi. The codes will be cleared.

Press Off once, this will get you out of the PCM prompt and take you to another monitored system. Follow the above instructions until you have gone through all of the systems and are back at the PCM prompt. Press Auto to exit the diagnostic mode.

Turn off key.

Hope this will help, George

05-16-04, 12:37 AM
I drive a '94 eldo with the y code NS. I had nearly the same problem, with surging, low speed driveability problems, and most of the other things he had going on... my mechanic spent a good deal of time ( couple days ) going through it, and finally replaced the MAP sensor. Maybe not the cheapest solution, but it sounds awfully familiar, what he's describing. Just a thought. By the way, thanks, guys, for the codes. I have quite a few ride control issues, but I'm looking to replace my $800 a piece struts with more garden variety items... air ride is in the future, and i'm sure the electro-gizmos wouldn't appreciate the abuse. Hope you can fix it before a MAP replacement. Not too cheap.