: Thought I dodged a bullet on the UUC shifter

01-12-08, 11:09 PM
My day started out with washing the V.

Get a call from a very good friend who has problems with his router and is replacing it.

Spent 5 GD hours because he doesn't remember (or write down) login names or passwords for ISP.

Wireless on the old router is flakey, but the LAN connect isn't so we swap back routers and at least with a LAN he can get connected because the old router stored the login info.


He needs a longer LAN cable.

I go home, find a cable (after blowing my stack over all the crap I am storing and collecting) and pull out of the garage and my shifter comes up out of the floor. :yup:

UUC 1st production. :banghead:

Thought I would dodge the bullet and mine wasn't due to break.:ill:

Now I know the first run of these was CRAP. :(

I don't shift like I am trying to break it either.

01-12-08, 11:19 PM
THATS SUCK, I just got two tickets for unsafe lane change and un safe enter from road to highway =)

01-13-08, 12:33 AM
have Luke call UUC and make them replace it! The first ones were know to break right? Im sure they will take care of it. And if they don't the Katech is the same two piece design for $250.

01-13-08, 12:37 AM
Sorry to hear about your luck Lynden. If you contact UUC I'm guessing they will take care of it for you.

01-13-08, 02:20 AM
Yeah, looks like there won't be any "original" UUC shifters in one piece soon.

I am shifting with a Snapon deep socket on the shaft with a short extension.

Funny thing is: with the way it wobbles it reminds me of the original!

REAL SLOPPY but it works.

It has to happen on the weekend don't ya know.

Guess I have to drive Mr. Vette........:D

01-13-08, 02:28 AM
come on heavy just order the katech and let me know how it rates as opposed to the UUC for half the money.

01-13-08, 02:47 AM
I will get the KATECH if UUC doesn't warranty this piece of shifter.

01-13-08, 06:39 AM


01-13-08, 06:39 AM
crap, guess im not out of the woods yet

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01-13-08, 09:38 AM
UUC should warranty

silver bullet
01-14-08, 11:36 AM
All because of my damn router :banghead: F kin computers.

01-14-08, 11:41 AM
All because of my damn router :banghead: F kin computers.

Yeah, it is all your fault.

I may even ask you to help me with the swap out.

Guess who is getting under the car? :suspense:

01-14-08, 12:03 PM
Just got off the phone with UUC.

They are really sorry for the problem and are replacing the shifter.

01-14-08, 02:05 PM
Thank goodness they are replacing it. I was about to throw the B&M reccommendation out there, but I'm sure you didn't wanna hear that from me ;)

01-14-08, 02:09 PM
They explained the problem and stood behind the product with a replacement like one would expect from a vendor.

Urbs, it is only a matter of time.......

01-14-08, 07:24 PM
Any way to tell the difference between the older model and the upgraded shifter... without pulling it completely out?
i.e.- shaft diameter or markings

01-14-08, 08:59 PM
It's probably a good indicator when it pop's out though.

UUC is a top notch company and I am really happy with my shifter so far. I have a newer one so I shouldn't have the same problems. Time to go drive her like I stole her though...