: Legend of the Green Dragon

05-11-04, 04:12 PM
This is a game we used to play WAY back in the 80s on BBSes - it's been recreated to work on the web. The original was called Legend of the Red Dragon. It's basically the same thing.. Check it out - the game is just getting started:


05-11-04, 04:27 PM
could you give me some details.

05-11-04, 04:36 PM
You've probably never seen anything like this.. It's a roll-playing-game from the 80s.. Before the internet, we used BBSes - very much like the internet...

05-11-04, 04:38 PM
I used to play D&D, anything like that.

05-11-04, 04:43 PM
Well. Sort of.. Sign up and see for yourself. It's very unique compared to anything online..

05-11-04, 04:50 PM
Ok first thing tommorrow.

05-11-04, 08:01 PM
My BBS has been online since 1994. It's still up today running Wildcat V5! Check it out: http://www.smokeys.org telnet to: bbs.smokeys.org I have the Legend of the Red Dragon too. :)

05-11-04, 09:27 PM
I need to check that out, Smokey.. Send me a PM about how you've got that all setup. I'm really curious...